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Now, you won't miss a turn with vibrating steering wheels!

June 9, 2011 - London

Ever thought of a device that would alert you which way to turn at a time when a blasting radio or screaming kids are distracting you while driving?

Well, researchers from Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, have developed a vibrating steering wheel that will solve your problem of missed turns.

Cagatay Basdogan and his colleagues have equipped a standard steering wheel with a set of vibrating motors that will alert you before a turn.

The system connects to a GPS device and vibrates either left or right when you need to make a turn. It will vibrate on both sides when you are approaching a traffic circle, reports New Scientist.

The researchers asked 12 volunteers to navigate a virtual city while hearing loud noises or distracted by a passenger attempting to strike up a conversation.

On average the participants made three-and-a-half navigation errors when using a non-vibrating steering wheel, but this dropped to just one error when the motors were switched on.

Basdogan will present the discovery at the World Haptics conference in Istanbul later this month.


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