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Technology News on November 8, 2011

Giant 'Shieldcroc' could be father of all crocodiles
A giant prehistoric crocodile like creature, 'Shieldcroc', which existed 99 million years ago could be the ancestor of modern day crocodiles and alligators, a new study has suggested. ANI

Computers 'will soon enable humans to live forever'
A famous US futurist and inventor has predicted that in few years, computers will overtake humans and facilitate them to live forever. ANI

'Leopard-spotted' horses depicted in prehistoric cave art were real
The cave paintings, which showed 'leopard-spotted' horses, were a true depiction of what the prehistoric cave artists actually saw, a new study has revealed. ANI

How Maya lowlands supported dense population
The scientists have revealed how Maya lowlands, which were one of the most densely populated areas in the world during ancient Maya Classic period (250 - 900 AD), sustained its population. ANI

Now, a 'robo-dog' that guides the blind
Japanese inventors have created a 'robo-dog' that can make life a lot easier for blind people. ANI

Mother monkeys' presence help sons find right girl for mating
The presence of mothers may help find and successfully mate with just the right girl at the right time, at least in northern muriqui monkeys. ANI

Zuckerberg says Facebook not 'at war' with Amazon, Google, Apple
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has discussed his company's relationship with other Silicon Valley giants-Amazon, Google and Apple, and played down speculation that a war between the four technological firms is inevitable. ANI

Light could be 'promising' tool in cancer fight
Researchers in the US have revealed that light could be a "promising" tool in the fight against cancer. ANI

Liverpool Varsity scientists to use scent to control destructive rodent behaviour
Research on the scent signals of mice and rats, by a team at the University of Liverpool and Rothamsted Research, will help inform future rodent-control strategies aimed at reducing the damage they cause to food resources around the world. ANI

Zuckerberg reveals he was coached by Jobs on improving Facebook
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Apple's visionary leader Steve Jobs gave him advice on how to improve the social networking site's focus and make sure the company had the right people in place. ANI

NASA releases 'keep off the grass' guidelines for future moon visitors
NASA has released 'keep off the grass' guidelines for future moon visitors to preserve and safeguard six Apollo landing sites and other artefacts left behind. ANI

5300-year-old iceman could be world's first known mountaineering victim
A 5,300-year-old prehistoric iceman, Oetzi, could possibly be the world's first known mountaineering victim, a new study has suggested. ANI

New hope for deflecting catastrophic asteroid strikes on earth
Scientists have now come up with ways to deflect catastrophic asteroids strikes on Earth and prevent human race from getting wiped out. ANI

Second mission launched to explore underwater mountains
Scientists are set to launch a mission that will take scientists to study underwater mountains in the Indian Ocean. ANI

'Spider-inspired' mobile robot goes where humans can't
Drawing inspiration from spider's legs, researchers have designed a mobile robot that can explore terrain that is beyond human reach. ANI

Soon, $100 sewage disposal system for Third World countries
A US researcher has come up with a proposal to develop a simple sewage disposal system for Third World countries, which will not only dispose off waste but also work without using any electricity or additional energy to destroy harmful germs. ANI

Soon, lightweight robot suits to offer relief to nuclear workers in Japan
A Japanese firm has launched a robot suit that would help nuclear workers weighed down by heavy anti-radiation vests in contaminated zones. ANI

Now, a robot face that looks like a real talking person
Researchers at the Institute for Cognitive Systems (ICS) at TU Munchen in collaboration with a group in Japan have developed a new robot face that can talk and respond like humans. ANI

Brain 'key player in regulating blood sugar in humans'
Scientists including one of Indian origin have for the first time found that brain plays a key role in regulating glucose (sugar) metabolism in humans. ANI

Indian scientists pioneer 'electronic nose' to detect TB in 2 years
A team of Indian scientists has revealed that a prototype of a hand-held breathalyser for detecting tuberculosis infection could be available within two years. ANI

New 'miracle' serum boosts cleavage by nearly a cup size in just 4 weeks
A new body serum that claims to boost women's cleavage by as much as three-quarters of a cup size in just four weeks has become a hit in the UK market. ANI

Dad's depression may lead to emotional and behavioural problems in kids
Children who live with a father who has mental health problems and depression have higher rates of behavioural and emotional problems themselves, according to a new study. ANI

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