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Technology News on November 28, 2011

Quack medicines and what eats what in nature revealed by DNA barcodes
Scientists have deployed the newfound scientific power to quickly "fingerprint" species via DNA to unmask quack herbal medicines, reveal types of ancient Arctic life frozen in permafrost, expose what eats what in nature, and halt agricultural and forestry pests at borders. ANI

Autism-like syndrome could explain how brain wiring goes awry
Researchers have grown patients' skin cells into neurons to discover what goes wrong in the brain when an individual suffers from autism. ANI

Alzheimer's damage could be reversed by deep brain stimulation
Jolting the brain with electricity could reverse damage caused by Alzheimer's disease, Canadian scientists say. ANI

Want smart kids? Space siblings at least 2 years apart
The secret to smart children is as simple as giving birth to them two years apart, a new study has claimed. ANI

Extreme weather due to global warming pushes millions into 'hunger, poverty', says Oxfam
Extreme weather due to global warming is pushing up food prices and putting the world's most poor people at risk, Oxfam has warned. ANI

Disease-fighting 'helper' cell discovered
A team of Australian researchers have discovered a new type of "helper" cell, which increases the ability of the human body to fight infections and life-threatening diseases. ANI

Internet could help elderly people cope with loneliness
An Internet entrepreneur claims that elderly people would be less lonely if they were "plugged in" to the Internet. ANI

UN climate chief calls for urgent action to halt global warming
The United Nation's top official on climate change, Christiana Figueres, has sounded alarm bells and called for urgent action to halt global warming. ANI

Abnormalities in brains of kids with ADHD identified
Researchers have identified abnormalities in the brains of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), that may serve as a biomarker for the disorder. ANI

Integrated 3-D imaging brings new hope to facial injury victims
Researchers including one of Indian-origin have developed a new technique combining conventional medical imaging with 3-D modelling methods that could offer new hope to victims of serious facial injuries. ANI

1704 Stradivarius violin recreated using CT imaging
A team of experts have created a reproduction of a 1704 Stradivarius violin using computed tomography (CT) imaging and advanced manufacturing techniques. ANI

Violent video games alter brain to make it more aggressive
Playing violent video games for even a week can alter the brain and make players more aggressive, researchers say. ANI

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