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Technology News on November 27, 2011

Man-made deadly flu virus could wipe out humanity
A group of scientists has caused a storm of controversy after creating a man-made virus that could potentially wipe out humanity if it ever escaped the laboratory where it was made. ANI

Rich nations use 'unfair means' to impose climate change deals on poorer counterparts: Report
Britain and other rich nations are using aid money as an instrument to bully developing countries over climate change, a new an anti-poverty pressure group has suggested. ANI

Bookies betting minimal chances of NASA proving life on Mars
Bookies have slashed the odds on NASA proving that there is life on Mars within the next five years to 4 out of 6. ANI

'Alien technology being used to thin Earth's population'
Natural faults in the earth are being manipulated using alien technology to thin the earth's population, the great-granddaughter of a former United States president has claimed. ANI

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