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Technology News on November 25, 2011

Second reference to 2012 'apocalypse' found at southern Mexico ruin site
This is the news that nobody would like to hear, but experts who predicted that the world might meet its end in December 2012 have another evidence to support their theories. ANI

Hackers attack computers on Black Friday using iTunes email offer
Criminals are hacking into people's computers by sending a fake email which offers credit for iTunes music, games and video. ANI

Neuron transplants may repair diseased brain circuitry in mammals
Carefully selected young, healthy neurons can functionally integrate into diseased brain circuitry in mammals, a new study has found. ANI

Most liveable 'moons and planets' revealed
Saturn's moon Titan and the exoplanet Gliese 581g - thought to reside some 20.5 light-years away in the constellation Libra - are among the most habitable alien worlds, according to scientists. ANI

Deep-sea fishing for tuna dates back to 42,000 yrs ago
Humans' deep-sea fishing skills dates back to 42,000 years ago, when they started hunting for large delicacies like Tuna fish, a new study has revealed. ANI

Southampton Varsity develops revolutionary ultra-sonic nozzle that will change the way water cleans
A team of scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a revolutionary ultrasonic attachment for taps, which massively enhances the ability of water to clean. ANI

Einstein's brain slices go on public display at Philadelphia museum
Tiny slices of famed physicist Albert Einstein's brain have been put on public display for the first time at a Philadelphia museum. ANI

Environmental changes 'robustly' drive marine biodiversity
The evolution of marine life over the past 500 million years has been robustly and independently driven by both ocean chemistry and sea level changes, a new study has found using fossil record. ANI

The ocean was one 'mega-organism' before all living organisms evolved
The ocean was turned into a global mega-organism 3 billion years ago before giving birth to the ancestors of all living things today, a new study has revealed. ANI

Fake posters may 'poison' and erode trust of users in web
Trust in information displayed on the Internet is being damaged by a number of people being paid by companies to post their comments online, researchers have warned. ANI

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