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Technology News on November 24, 2011

Google honours sci-fi genius Lem with puzzling Doodle
Google paid tribute to Polish sci-fi author Stanislaw Lem with an interesting new doodle on November 23. ANI

Freezing point of water pegged at minus 55F
The lowest temperature liquid water can reach before it becomes ice is -55 degrees Fahrenheit, a new study has suggested. ANI

Nighttime air purification device eases persistent asthma symptoms
Scientists have found that a simple device that filters out airborne asthma triggers during sleep can ease persistent symptoms of the condition during the day and improve quality of life. ANI

Shakespeare could help docs understand mind-body connection better
Shakespeare was a master at portraying profound emotional upset in the physical symptoms of his characters, and many modern day doctors would do well to study the Bard to better understand the mind-body connection, a researcher says. ANI

Secret net Tor asks Amazon cloud users to help boost bandwidth
Amazon's cloud computing service is now being used to boost the bandwidth on The Onion Router (Tor), a system intended to enable online anonymity. ANI

Now, a phone app that tells you where to find love
Scientists have devised a smart phone app which will suggest places users can go where they are more likely to find people with similar interests. ANI

Regular saunas may also help your heart
A sauna is more than just a comforting exercise, it is also good for the heart, new studies have suggested. ANI

Soon, insect cyborgs may monitor hazardous environments
Scientists are finding ways to use insects to monitor hazardous situations before sending in humans. ANI

'Iconic' Monarch butterfly's genome revealed
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have for the first time released the full genomic sequence of Monarch butterfly. ANI

Now, bring freshly cut lawn into your living room and grow potatoes on sofa
City dwellers can now have a garden full of real grasses into their living room even in a high rise flat and grow potatoes on their sofa. ANI

Lack of genes linked to shorter height
People with short stature may actually be missing out on certain specific genes, a new study has revealed. ANI

How antibody disarms HIV virus by using its sugar cloak
A new study has shed light on how one broadly neutralizing HIV antibody actually uses part of the sugary cloak to help bind to the virus and disarm it. ANI

First dogs came from East Asia, not Middle East
As opposed to previous theories that the cradle of the canine line lies in the Middle East, researchers have claimed in a new study that there is "very strong evidence" that the wolf ancestors of today's domesticated dogs can be traced to southern East Asia. ANI

Google abandons project aiming to make renewable energy cheaper than coal
The Internet search giant, Google, has abandoned a project to make renewable energy cheaper than coal. ANI

Earth's outer core 'poor in oxygen'
Oxygen is the most abundant element in the planet, so it is not unreasonable to expect that it might be one of the dominant "light elements" in the core. ANI

Dreaming helps ease painful memories
Dreaming acts as a soothing balm to heal our wounds, according to a new research from the University of California, Berkeley. ANI

Gene responsible for maintaining steady weight uncovered
Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have discovered a specific gene that plays an important role in keeping a steady balance between our food intake and energy expenditure. ANI

'Doh' may have been one of man's first words!
Popular catchword 'Doh' apparently has prehistoric origins and was one of the first words used by humans to communicate, a new study has suggested. ANI

Diabetes drug could help cut risk of cancer
A new study has found that an inexpensive drug used to treats Type-2 diabetes can prevent a number of natural and man-made chemicals from stimulating the growth of breast cancer cells. ANI

It's love that makes male guppies retain their orange colour over the years
Though guppies, also known as the millionfish, have evolved over at least half-a-million years, yet a characteristic orange patch on the male fish has remained remarkably stable, though it could have become redder or more yellow. ANI

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