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Technology News on November 20, 2011

Soon, shoe sampling system to help detect explosives at airports
US scientists have developed a prototype air sampling system that would efficiently and unobtrusively help detect trace amounts of explosives carried by airline passengers. ANI

Drops splash even before they touch surface
Splashing, which plays a pivotal role in the transport of pollutants and the spread of diseases, may occur even before the drop comes in actual contact with the surface, a new study has revealed. ANI

Amazon Kindles being 'ruined' by airport X-ray scanners
Travellers have been warned that their Amazon Kindle e-reader can be destroyed by security X-ray scanners at airports. ANI

Meet Robojelly - a robot that mimics graceful motions of jellyfish
US scientists have developed a robot that mimics the graceful motions of a jellyfish so precisely that it has been named Robojelly. ANI

Computer that reads raises hope for cancer breakthroughs
Scientists believe that a computer system, called CRAB, that can read scientific papers in way similar to humans might provide breakthroughs in the field of cancer research. ANI

Majority of online lies happen in emails
Communication using computers for instant messaging and e-mail increases lying compared to face-to-face conversations, and e-mail messages are most likely to contain lies, a new study has found. ANI

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