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Technology News on November 17, 2011

Facebook, Google join Internet giants' crusade against US anti-piracy laws
Several technology giants including Google and Facebook have put aside their competitive battles to join forces against a new US law designed to clamp down on online piracy, claiming it threatens the internet industry. ANI

Cancer cells' sweet tooth could be its weak link
Scientists have found that cancer cells tap into a natural recycling system to obtain the energy they need to keep dividing, suggesting potential new target for treatments. ANI

Spectacular new image exposes Carina Nebula's star-forming dust clouds
Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope has captured a spectacular view of star formation in the Carina Nebula. ANI

Potential breakthrough in treating late-stage ovarian cancer
University of Guelph researchers have discovered a peptide that shrinks advanced tumours and improves survival rates for ovarian cancer. ANI

Cluster satellites reveal 'remarkably thin' Earth's bow shock
Scientists have discovered that cosmic particle accelerators are more efficient than previously thought, thanks to ESA's Cluster satellites. ANI

Transcendental Meditation may help school students beat stress
Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique can significantly decrease psychological distress in public school students, according to a new study. ANI

Rare gene may be behind impulsivity, alcohol problems in men
A new study has revealed that a rare gene may be responsible for impulsivity, alcohol problems in men. ANI

Fears over 'toxic' Russian spaceship crashing back to Earth dismissed
An Australian engineer has played down fears over a crippled Russian spaceship crashing back to Earth with a load of toxic fuel aboard. ANI

Digital cinema to eclipse 35mm film by 2012 in UK
Digital cinema "will eclipse" celluloid as early as 2012 in the UK, analysts have said. ANI

Bronze Age chest may be most important discovery of the century
An early Bronze Age burial chest containing cremated bones and material dating back 4,000 years has been excavated on Dartmoor, and the collection could be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last 100 years, experts have said. ANI

Playful behaviour of chimps develops like that of humans
Young chimpanzees play and develop much the same way as human children do, a new study has found. ANI

Playful behaviour of chimps develop like that of humans
Young chimpanzees play and develop much the same way as human children do, a new study has found. ANI

Coming soon: home printers that print solid 3-D objects!
3-D printers, which build solid objects on the "click" command, are fast approaching reality, the cover story of a weekly newsmagazine has claimed. ANI

Achilles' heel in lethal form of prostate cancer discovered
An international team of researchers claim to have discovered a genetic Achilles' heel in an aggressive type of prostate cancer, a vulnerability they say can be attacked by a targeted drug that is already in clinical trials to treat other types of cancers. ANI

iPad survives 1300 foot drop in G-Form case
Gadget sadists at G-Form, who make rather unattractive but undeniably tough cases for iPads, threw the tablet computer out of a plane from 1,300 feet, and it not only survived, the film on screen was still playing. ANI

New drug combo can provoke cancers cells to kill themselves
A team of researchers has found that a novel combination of a specific sugar molecule with a pair of cell-killing drugs prompts a wide variety of cancer cell types to kill themselves, a process called apoptosis or programmed cell death. ANI

TV viewing poses greater risk for heart disease than computer use
A recent study has revealed that different kinds of sedentary activities may have different consequences on children's health, and high levels of TV viewing posses higher cardio-metabolic risk than high computer use. ANI

Discovery of 'great lake' on Jupiter's moon boosts hopes for life
Scientists have discovered what appears to be a body of liquid water as vast as the volume of the North American Great Lakes locked inside the icy shell of Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting a potential new habitat for life. ANI

Why happy people posses 'rose-tinted' outlook
A news study has found that brains of happy people appear to respond more strongly to positive things in their environment than others, explaining why some folk seem to go about wearing rose-tinted spectacles. ANI

Facebook blames 'browser with security flaw' for massive 'violent, p*rn' spam attack
Facebook has said that the spam attack that unleashed massive quantities of violent and pornographic images across newsfeeds was caused by using of a browser with a security flaw rather than any problem with the social networking site. ANI

Mars has winds 'powerful enough to shift sand dunes'
Scientists believe Mars has winds powerful enough to move sand dunes on the planet's surface around. ANI

Garlic oil may help protect heart from damage
Washington, Nov 17 (ANI): A component of garlic oil may be used to treat heart after attack, according to researchers at Emory University School of Medicine. ANI

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