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Technology News on November 14, 2011

Soon, wonder drug to make cancer cells 'commit suicide'
Scientists claim to have come up with radical new drug that will make cancer cells "commit suicide" and may also prove highly effective in wiping out some of the most deadly forms of the disease. ANI

Rising air pollution worsens droughts, floods
Increases in air pollution can intensify drought and flood, according to a new study. ANI

Gene behind increased risk of deadly skin cancer identified
A novel gene mutation that appears to increase the risk of both inherited and sporadic cases of malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, has been identified in a major international study. ANI

Soon, pill that kills fast-growing cancer cells sans side effects
UC San Diego researchers have discovered an effective, alternative method for killing fast-growing cancer cells without causing some of the negative effects of current therapies.he scientists, led by David A ANI

Moonless planets too can support life!
Contrary to what many scientists have made believe, planets don't need large moons for a stable tilt and climate. ANI

Secret behind tamoxifen resistance to breast cancer, and way to defeat it identified
Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have discovered the molecular basis for tamoxifen resistance to breast cancer and found a potential way to defeat it. ANI

Apple replacing first generation iPod nanos due to overheating battery risk
Apple is offering replacements for its first-generation iPod nano after it warned that a defective battery can cause the unit to overheat and pose a safety risk. ANI

Ultra-thin flexible brain implant offers hope for seizures treatment
A team of researchers co-led by the University of Pennsylvania has developed an ultra-thin and flexible brain implant that could one day be used to treat epileptic seizures. ANI

'Deceitful' male spiders offer gifts and 'play dead' to woo girls
A new study has revealed that male nursery web spiders (Pisaura mirabilis) give silk-wrapped gifts to females to win them for mating, and also 'play dead' if the partner try to moves away and then attempt to re-establish mating. ANI

Nissan's new 3-seater Pivo 3 can 'find its own parking spot'
Japan's auto giant Nissan has unveiled a tiny urban commuter car that is capable of searching for a parking spot on its own. ANI

Abused girls 'more likely to have higher risk of heart disease, stroke' as adults
Girls who are sexually and physically abused may have higher risks for heart attacks, heart disease and strokes as adults, a new study has suggested. ANI

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