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Technology News on November 11, 2011

Daily exercise, less computer time improves sleep in teens
A new study has revealed that daily exercise improves a teenager's chances of a good night's sleep, while using the computer for more than two hours a day has the opposite effect. ANI

The man behind the voice of Siri speaks out
Jon Briggs, the man who is the voice behind Apple's Siri didn't even know what purpose his voice was put to until he heard it on TV. ANI

Revolutionary 3D maps to provide incredibly accurate details of battlefields
A Swedish aerospace and defence company has unveiled a 3D mapping system that will create an incredibly detailed and accurate 3D map of a battlefield. ANI

Two-third of Brits want brands to stay off social networking sites
A new study has suggested that British people want brands to stay off social networking sites, with almost two-thirds of Britons not wanting to 'interact with brands' on social networks, new research has revealed. ANI

Appearance of moveable whiskers pivotal in evolution of mammals from reptiles
A new study from the University of Sheffield has suggested that the appearance of moveable whiskers on the faces of rats and mice was an important milestone in the evolution of mammals from reptiles. ANI

Sense of smell goes in freefall as we touch 60
Elderly people aged 60 and over lose the ability to differentiate between odours, putting them at greater risk from dangerous chemicals and poor nutrition, according to scientists. ANI

Protein behind galloping breast cancer spread identified
In a new study, scientists claim to have found a potential target to slow the progression of breast cancer tumours and metastasis. ANI

Acupuncture helps prevent chronic dry mouth due to cancer radiation
Acupuncture, when given alongside radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, can reduce the devastating side effect of dry mouth, a new study has suggested. ANI

Our early solar system may have ejected giant planet to save Earth
Scientists believe that our solar system might have sacrificed a giant planet to protect the Earth. ANI

Genetic mutations cause neurons to die in Parkinson's disease
A new study has found that genetic mutations damaged mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles inside cells, causing neurons in the brain's substantia nigra to die or become impaired in Parkinson's disease ANI

Knocking out regulatory protein may harbour diabetes cure
Scientists have found that knocking out a key regulatory protein dramatically boosted insulin sensitivity in lab mice, paving a new way for drug development and treatment of diabetes. ANI

High fibre cereals and whole grains reduce bowel cancer risk
London, November 11(ANI): Consuming high fibre cereals can reduce the risk of bowel cancer, a study has found. ANI

It's official: attention, awareness fundamentally different processes
A new study has been conducted to provide the first experimental evidence that attention and awareness are fundamentally different processes and not necessarily connected. ANI

Our willingness to engage in risk peaks at 50
People are willing to engage in risk the most when they reach the age of 50 and men are slightly more willing to take risks as compared to women, a new study has claimed. ANI

Woodsmoke from cooking fires may cause pneumonia, affect IQ in kids
Two new studies have found that exposure to woodsmoke from cooking fires may contribute to pneumonia and cognitive impacts. ANI

Hubble captures dwarf galaxies bursting with starbirth in early Universe
Scientists have uncovered 69 young dwarf galaxies in the Universe, thanks to NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope. ANI

Fetuses sense moms' psychological state through placentas
The fetus growing inside the mother's womb not only hears her heartbeat or the music she might play to her belly, but also gets signals about her mental state through the placenta, which effects the baby's development after birth, a new study has found. ANI

Gene tweaked 'marathon mice' may pave way for human musclemen
Treatments that can increase muscle strength of humans may soon be within reach, a new study has suggested. ANI

World's first hand-held drug detection prototype unveiled
Scientists have achieved a technological breakthrough by developing the prototype of a first-of its-kind hand-held fingerprint drug-testing device. ANI

Google+ 'not a social network' but 'some features compete with Facebook'
Google+ is not a social network that directly competes with Facebook, a top company official has said. ANI

Brazilian fern with 'eggbeater' texture inspires waterproof coating for boats
A study led by an Indian origin researcher has described how a floating weed that clogs waterways around the world has inspired a high-tech waterproof coating intended for boats and submarines. ANI

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