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New tests snub 'God particle' discovery claims

June 11, 2011 - London

Tests recently conducted using a separate experiment called DZero have not been able to corroborate the findings claiming the discovery of a sub atomic particle.

Earlier, the researchers working on the CDF experiment at the US Tevatron 'atom smasher' had announced that they had detected signs of an unanticipated particle.

Scientists believe that a confirmation of the earlier findings would have heralded one of the most radical changes to physics in years.

A team of scientists from both Tevatron experiments will now have to 'compare notes' with the aim of reaching a consensus.

"We looked at the data-set that CDF originally published. We inject a signal in our simulation, which looks like what we would have observed if CDF had seen the real thing," BBC News quoted Prof. Stefan Soldner-Rembold, spokesperson for the DZero collaboration as saying.

"We analysed the data accordingly and, as observed, there is no enhancement. We can exclude something like what CDF observed to a relatively high probability," he added.

Sharing Rembold's disappointment, Dr Giovanni Punzi, co-spokesperson for the CDF collaboration at Fermilab said, "it has taken a step forward and a step back. But [DZero] has used only half of the data we currently have. So they are now showing a result with our old sample size."

The study findings will be published in a paper on the Arxiv repository.


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