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New iPhone app 'Backseat Driver' allows kids to mimic parents' real life driving

August 12, 2011 - Washington

A new GPS-based mobile app from ToyToyota called 'Backseat Driver' has been designed to allow kids to mimic and embellish upon their parents' real world driving.

'Backseat Driver' is the first product from Toyota's ToyToyota division, and it is now available for iPhone in Apple's App Store, Discovery News reported.

Two cars star in the game: One called "Papa Car", whose moves tap the iPhone's GPS functionality to mirror the route of the real car in which the player is riding, and "My Car", which is controlled by the player.

The object of the game is to steer My Car left and right to follow Papa Car's path and also to catch icons associated with real landmarks actually being passed along the way.

Points are awarded for each icon collected, and players can use them to customize their vehicles.

Players can also compete on the total distance they've travelled and the total points they've earned; designs and routes can be saved and shared via Twitter.


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