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'Muffin top' waistline puts women at risk of cancer and fuels its growth

October 31, 2011 - London

Women with a bulging "muffin top" waistline are not only at greater risk of cancer, but their tumours are also likely to grow faster, according to a new study.

Scientists at the University of Chicago have warned that bulging waistline acts as a "launching pad" for the rapid spread of the disease.

They found its cells are like "jet fuel" to Ovarian Cancer and they believe it may also boost the growth of other cancers.

The study is the clearest evidence yet that being overweight or obese can not only dramatically increase the chances of developing cancer but can worsen the disease.

A waist circumference greater than 32in indicates increased risks. For men it should be less than 37in and less than 35in for Asian men.

The team stated in the journal Nature Medicine that a large pad of fat cells called the omentum that covers the intestines provides vital nutrients that promote the spread and growth of Ovarian Cancer.

"This fatty tissue acts as a launching pad and energy source for the likely lethal spread of Ovarian Cancer," The Daily Express quoted study's researcher Dr Ernst Lengyel as saying.

"The cells contain the biological equivalent of jet fuel. They feed the cancer cells, enabling them to multiply rapidly," Lengyel added.


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