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Technology News on May 9, 2011

Intolerance to dairy products may be all in the mind
Are people who say they're allergic to dairy products really affected by it? May be not, as researchers have said that lactose intolerance may be all in the mind. ANI

Social media - a 'launch pad' to effective communication for children
A new study has suggested that paediatricians should ask school kids and adolescents if they are on Facebook or not, to study the impact of social media on a child's development. ANI

Gay men have higher prevalence of cancer: Study
A new study has concluded that gay men have a higher prevalence of cancer compared with heterosexual men, and lesbian and bisexual female cancer survivors report lower levels of health than heterosexual female cancer survivors. ANI

Parents blame Facebook for kids' low grades
A new survey has revealed that two-thirds of parents fear that their kids' exam grades suffer because they spend too much time on social networking websites such as Facebook. ANI

Spinal fracture surgery reduces death risk by 44 pc
A new study has suggested that surgery reduces the likelihood of death by up to 44 per cent for those suffering spinal fractures, compared with those who are just given bed rest and painkillers. ANI

Now, turn your music into a universe using planetary iPad app!
Bloom Studio's new Planetary for iPad application has taken music entertainment to a next level. ANI

'World's smallest' optical modulator may lead to ultra fast communications
A new technology for graphene that could break the current speed limits in digital communications has been demonstrated by the scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. ANI

People who are easily distracted may have 'too much brain'
A new study by the scientists at the University College London has found larger than average volumes of grey matter in certain brain regions of people whose attention is readily diverted. That means people who are easily distracted may have 'too much brain'. ANI

Long-term predator-prey interactions seen in fossil record
One of the central tenets of modern ecology is the balance of nature between predator and prey. ANI

Soon, pull fuel for your car out of thin air!
Powering your car with the air you breathe may sound supernatural, but Joel Rosenthal, a chemist at the University of Delaware, is actually working to transform carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, into gas for your car and clean-energy future fuels. ANI

Bolivia may have the potential for 8.9 megaquake!
A new study has found that the region east of the central Andes Mountains has the potential for larger scale earthquakes, than previously expected. ANI

Scientists finally discover edge states of graphene nanoribbons
More than 20 years ago, experts predicted that a number of interesting effects would take place at the edge of graphene nanoribbons, but there was no way for those predictions to be tested. ANI

'Holy Grail' of science, Mayo clinic turns genes off and on in zebrafish
In a technical first in genetic research, Mayo Clinic researchers have succeeded in switching individual genes off and on in zebrafish, then observing embryonic and juvenile development. ANI

Comets gases may have led to Titan's atmosphere
A study has suggested that comets blasting gases out of its icy crust could have created the unique atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan. ANI

Kids starts lying at the age of 4, says book
Want to know when your kid starts developing the art of lying? Well, at the age of four. ANI

Our brains 'optimally tuned for visual search'
Wondering how you are able to find your car keys on that cluttered shelf next to the door? Well, it's all because of our nervous system. ANI

Will humanoids take over for astronauts in space exploration?
Humanoid robots could soon be the next generation of explorers to walk on the moon or Mars. They may perform similar scientific tasks to astronauts, but wouldn't require any of the life support equipment, food or shelter and can last for decades. ANI

Now, charge your phone by just talking into it!
In what is being billed as a godsend for those who regularly suffer the frustration of flat batteries, Korean scientists have devised a gadget that will allow mobile phones to be recharged by using only your voice. ANI

Coming soon: A thumb-sized, $23 PC for school kids!
A UK game developer has created a thumb-sized computer for school children that will cost as little as 23 dollars. ANI

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