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Technology News on May 8, 2011

Homo Neanderthal's diet was dependent on ecological conditions
Scientists have found that the diet of one of the human species, 'Homo neanderthalensis' was dependent on its geographical location. ANI

Tree rings to improve El Nino predictions
Climate scientists have discovered that tree rings can be used to improve El Nino predictions in climate models. ANI

Shifts in body temperature activate immune response
A study involving an Indian-origin researcher has found a temperature-sensing protein within immune cells that, when tripped, allows calcium to pour in and activate an immune response. ANI

Soon, a FluPhone app to track spread of infectious diseases!
Researchers at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory have developed a new mobile phone application that will help track how infectious diseases like flu are spread. ANI

Tech-savvy Gen Y actually feels liberated without gadgets
Generation Y whose lives are built around technology and convenience, and who think their lives are incomplete without gadgets actually felt liberated and happy when disconnected from it. ANI

Future devices that work on electrons spin rather than its charge 'a step closer to reality'
London, May 8 (ANI: Scientists are a step closer to developing devices which rely on electron spin rather than electron charge, an approach known as semiconductor spintronics that is expected to provide devices with higher performance, lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. ANI

Soon, computer-generated songs comparable to human singing (re-issue)
Making computer-generated vocals a success has been a distant dream, since the tweaking of the frequency curve is labor intensive and prone to human error. ANI

Mars Express finds deep fractures on Mars (re-issue)
The European Space Agency has said that its newly released images from its Mars Express show Nili Fossae, a system of deep fractures in the crust around the Isidis impact basin. ANI

Newton was right: We better judge falling objects when upright than prone
You can best determine the actual position of the Leaning Tower of Pisa when you are upright, according to a new study. ANI

Darwin's travels that helped him conjure theory of evolution may have led to his death
It has emerged that the very travels that inspired Charles Darwin to discover his theory of evolution may also have led to one of the many illnesses that plagued him for decades and ultimately led to his death. ANI

Study locates brain region influencing gambling decisions (re-issue)
A lot goes on inside a gambler's mind from the moment the dice starts rolling or when the starting gates swing open at the track. ANI

Seawater offers clues on human disease, claims Indian-origin researcher (re-issue)
A study involving an Indian-origin researcher has demonstrated how seawater could shed light on human disease. ANI

Osama's death nets jackpot for cyber criminals! (re-issue)
With the world turning to the internet for more details of Osama Bin Laden's death, cyber criminals are looking to make a killing by leveraging the big news through spam, phishing and malware. ANI

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