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Technology News on May 7, 2011

T-cell therapy may do more harm than good for Multiple Sclerosis patients
The T-cell therapy, which was supposed to be a potential treatment for Multiple Sclerosis rather has an opposite effect than expected, according to the researchers. ANI

DNA from stomach bug can minimize effects of colitis
DNA from Helicobacter pylori, a common stomach bacteria, ameliorates the severity of colitis, according to a new study. ANI

How cancer-driving enzyme works
Cancer researchers are eying to unlock the cellular-level function of the telomerase enzyme, which is linked to the disease's growth. ANI

How about a 17-day trip around the moon and back by 2015
If you are ready to fork out millions of dollars for an unusual vacation then the moon might just be the place. ANI

Pentagonal tiles pave way for ultra-small organic electronic devices
A new study has paved the way for nanoscale self-assembly of organic building blocks, which is a promising new route to the next generation of ultra-small electronic devices. ANI

"Brain Speller" that turns thoughts into words, developed
In a technological breakthrough, students at the University of Canberra have developed a "Brain Speller" that can read people's thoughts and translate them into words on a computer screen. ANI

Researchers find 'holy grail' of HIV immunity
The University of Melbourne's latest insight into immunity to HIV could help to develop a vaccine to build antibodies' defences against the disease. ANI

Why our brains gradually lose memory with age
A new study from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has shed light on why our brains produce fewer and fewer neurons with age, a phenomenon thought to underlie age-related cognitive decline. ANI

Scientists change normal tissue stem cells into cancer stem cells
Scientists have after isolating normal stem cells that form the developing placenta, given them the same properties of stem cells associated with an aggressive type of breast cancer. ANI

Diesel cars more fuel-efficient than hybrids
A new study has revealed that some diesel cars are giving the much-hyped hybrids a run for their money when it comes to fuel efficiency. ANI

'Swiss cheese' design ups thin film solar cells' efficiency potential
Researchers have developed a bold new design modeled after "Swiss cheese" for thin film solar cells that requires significantly less silicon - and may boost their efficiency. ANI

Coming up - computer-generated songs comparable to human singing
Making computer-generated vocals a success has been a distant dream, since the tweaking of the frequency curve is labor intensive and prone to human error. ANI

Mars Express finds deep fractures on Mars
The European Space Agency has said that its newly released images from its Mars Express show Nili Fossae, a system of deep fractures in the crust around the Isidis impact basin. ANI

One of earliest minerals formed in solar system found in Africa
A team of scientists has claimed the discovery of a new mineral krotite, one of the earliest minerals formed in our solar system. ANI

Novel cell therapy patches damaged heart
Scientists at Columbia Engineering have established a new method to patch a damaged heart using a tissue-engineering platform that enables heart tissue to repair itself. ANI

NASA's space shuttle Endeavour to launch no earlier than May 16
NASA has retargeted its space shuttle Endeavour's launch to no earlier than Monday, May 16. ANI

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