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Technology News on May 29, 2011

Biobutanol from wood 'the next generation of biofuels'
To deal with the increasing scarcity of fuel, scientists at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) are researching ways to turn wood into sustainable biobutanol that can be pumped into automobile gas tanks. ANI

Now, corkscrew-drive robot to easily roam rough terrain
An engineer in Cumberland, Wisconsin has successfully built an omni directional, all-terrain rover with corkscrew "wheels." ANI

Liberals prefer thin-crust pizza while conservatives relish deep-dish pizza
A new study has revealed that people who have different political ideologies also have differing tastes when it comes to food choices. ANI

Birds inspiring new, improved unmanned aerial vehicles
Engineers at UC San Diego are studying the flight and movement of various types of birds to design a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle, with improved maneuverability. ANI

Japanese scientists capture trombone's shock waves on film
The shock waves released by the musical instrument, trombone, have for the first time been caught on film. ANI

Handwritten notes boost professional productivity
A new study has found that despite the existence of many high tech devices, today's device-centric information workers rely on handwritten notes and believe that better integration of handwritten notes and spoken information with their digital workflow would significantly improve professional productivity. ANI

Now, charge your mobiles from your solar purse!
Danish design studio DIFFUS has created a solar handbag that provides its carriers to charge their electronic devices. ANI

Soon, 'digital ants' will protect computer networks against virus
Scientists are working on a technology to detect viruses trying to wreck havoc in the highly complicated Internet system controlling power grids, transmissions lines and even a microwave. ANI

Need to make smarter decisions? Sleep longer
Researchers have found that a sound sleep not only has a positive effect on people's energy levels but can also facilitate and enhance their complex cognitive skills such as decision-making. ANI

Over dependence on iPhone, iPad, Android apps may lead to anxiety
Though technology has made our lives convenient and fast, psychologists warn people against developing an over-reliance on mobile and tablet applications. ANI

Soon, 'skin patch' to cure life-threatening allergies!
Ben, 4, and Lucy, 2, are severely allergic to both nuts and milk. Ben almost died when his father kissed him after eating a peanut butter sandwich. ANI

Now, apps to motivate you in your quest of getting into shape!
The bathing suit season is here, and you want to achieve that fit body you have been eyeing all year, but you know you could do with a little motivation. ANI

'Survival' protein that protects brain against effects of stroke identified
Johns Hopkins scientists have identified a new protein that defenses the brain against the effects of stroke in mice, which can lead to a possible new strategy for treating neurologic disorders in human. ANI

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