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Technology News on May 28, 2011

Cystic fibrosis causing bacteria may harbour deadly MRSA super bug cure
Researchers have discovered that a bacterium which infects people with cystic fibrosis, may help in fighting other antibiotic-resistant microbes. ANI

Common drug for leukemia, psoriasis may fight vascular disease
Scientists have found that a drug used to treat leukemia and skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis may be a possible therapy for vascular diseases, including atherosclerosis and hypertension, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. ANI

US develops software to analyse metaphors used by foreigners
Intelligence officials in the US are developing a computer software that will analyse the various metaphors used by foreigners during conversations. ANI

Worldwide assessment helps explain cultural differences
A new international study offers insights that may help explain cultural differences and bridge the gaps between them. ANI

How human body's defence mechanism kills deadly salmonella bacteria
Researchers from the Goethe University have found the mechanism through which body cells recognize salmonella bacteria and render it harmless. ANI

Taking kids to zoo boosts their science and environment knowledge
A new study from University of Warwick has suggested that visiting a zoo enables children to boost their knowledge about science and conservation to a greater degree than classroom teaching can ever do alone. ANI

Recycling of Alzheimer's proteins may hold key to new treatments
For years, scientists and doctors have believed that protein aggregates called amyloid fibrils found in the brain were the culprit behind Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Warmer than usual days lead people to believe more in global warming
A study by Columbia Business School found that those who thought the current day was warmer than usual were more likely to believe in and feel concern about global warming than those who thought the day was unusually cold. ANI

How your thoughts, self-talk are linked to your performance
A sports psychologist has conducted a study on how our thoughts and self-talk can determine our performance. ANI

World's most extensive study reveals real secrets of dogs' locomotion
Jena University zoologists have provided an astonishing insight into the locomotion of dogs, contrary to what was previously believed. ANI

Grown ups more morally sensitive towards accidental damage than kids
According to a new study conducted at the University of Chicago, changes in the brain circuitry influence the moral sensitivity of a person as he grows. ANI

New procedure makes brain surgery safer
The Fraunhofer MEVIS Institute for Medical Image Computing in Bremen, Germany has pioneered a new procedure that would help neurosurgeons intervene the brain safely and remove tumors without causing unnecessary damage. ANI

Common transplant drug inhibits breast cancer growth in preclinical trial
A drug named Chapel Hill - Tacrolimus that is commonly used to prevent organ transplantation rejection inhibits breast cancer growth, a UNC laboratory study has shown. ANI

Key molecule for stem cell pluripotency identified
Researchers of the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch have discovered a specific molecule that enables embryonic stem cells to differentiate into diverse cell types and thus to be pluripotent. ANI

Concentration can make you deaf!
We may have all been through or heard of incidents when people get so engrossed in a page-turning novel or challenging crossword that they may fail to hear the train driver's announcement and miss their stop. ANI

Chameleon magnets that switch 'on - off' could revolutionize computing
A study by Japanese scientists has reported the possibility to turn a material's magnetism on and off at room temperature - an advancement that could revolutionize computing, forming the basis of high-capacity and low-energy memory, data storage and data transfer devices. ANI

Stress ups Alzheimer's disease risk
Scientists have discovered that the increased release of stress hormones in rats leads to the generation of abnormally phosphorylated tau protein in the brain and ultimately, memory loss. ANI

Age, gender and social advantage affect your chances of quitting smoking
A study has found that place where you live, your age and whether you're male or female all affect your chances of giving up smoking. ANI

Technique to trace space junk with help of stars developed
A team of researchers have developed a method to track the movement of geostationary objects using the position of the stars, which could help to monitor space debris. ANI

Indian inventor develops 'climate-controlled' jacket to heat or cool wearer
An Indian inventor has developed a jacket that keeps the wearer comfortable in extreme temperatures. ANI

New satellite being developed to detect X-ray emissions from space
A new satellite capable of detecting and imaging high- and low-energy X-ray emissions from space is being developed by Japanese and Canadian astronomers. ANI

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