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Technology News on May 26, 2011

Tinted lenses 'can cut pain for migraine sufferers'
A new research has revealed that tinted lenses, which are widely used to reduce visual perceptual distortions in poor readers, can reduce pain for migraine sufferers. ANI

Security fears after researchers crack online word test
Fresh concerns about Internet security have cropped up after a team of scientists managed to build a computer program able to solve audio Captchas, used at websites belonging to companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay and Digg. ANI

NASA's Hubble finds rare 'blue straggler' stars in Milky Way's hub
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has found a rare class of oddball stars called blue stragglers in the hub of our Milky Way, the first detected within our galaxy's bulge. ANI

Obama's official Twitter account following soft p*rn channel!
It has emerged that soft p*rn channel Babestation is being followed by US President Barack Obama's official Twitter account, and has now sparked a riddle over who was using it. ANI

Now, an illusion that 'body swaps' you into the size of a Barbie doll!
It is well known that our perception of size and distance is a product of how our brain interprets different visual cues. ANI

Autistic brains' genes 'dramatically different from healthy ones'
Scientists have for the first time discovered that the brains of people with autism are dramatically different in molecular structure than those of healthy people. ANI

Great snipes 'can fly 4,000 miles in 3 days without stopping for food or water'
Scientists have discovered that the great snipes can fly nearly 4,000 miles in three days, at a speed of up to 60 miles per hour without making a single break for food or water. ANI

Now, blood sugar and BMI can predict diabetes 7 yrs before pregnancy
A new study has suggested that a woman's risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy can be identified seven years prior to pregnancy with routinely assessed measures of blood sugar and body weight. ANI

Researchers spot Universe's most distant object after massive explosion
An international team of UK and US astronomers has spotted the most distant object ever seen in the Universe following its massive explosion. ANI

Robotic mobility aid to alert blind people about obstacles in their paths
A group of University of Southern California engineering researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have developed a robot vision-based mobility aid for visually impaired people that will alert them about objects in their paths. ANI

Dr Reddy's polypill cuts risk of heart disease 'in half'
A new four-in-one combination pill can halve the predicted risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the world's first international trial of the drug. ANI

Pelvis continues to widen during lifetime, finds UNC study
A new study has found evidence that, even though you're not getting taller anymore, the pelvis ("hipbones") does continue to widen as people advance in age from 20 years to 79 years. ANI

Soon, red wine and grapes could help treat concussions
Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas are currently studying whether a compound found in red wine and grapes could help reduce the short- and long-term effects of concussions. ANI

Protein drinks after exercise keep 'aging muscles strong and fit'
A new research has indicated that what someone drinks after exercise plays a critical role in maximizing the effects of exercise. ANI

Violent video games reduce brain response to violence, ups aggression
A study has found that the brains of violent video game players become less responsive to violence, and that it in turn increases aggression. ANI

Humble electron is almost a perfect sphere
Scientists have made the most accurate measurement yet of the shape of the humble electron, revealing that it is almost a perfect sphere. ANI

Scientists find blind people have ability to echolocate like bats, dolphins
While bats and dolphins are known to echolocate, a study has for the first time found that blind people too have the ability. ANI

Childhood bonds predict ability to commit to romantic partners in later life
A new study has found that people who had lower quality relationships with others in their childhood and adolescence are more likely to less commit to their romantic partners later in life. ANI

Mars' rapid formation explains why it is smaller than Earth
A new study has found that Mars developed in as little as two to four million years after the birth of the solar system, far more quickly than Earth. ANI

High-fat diet during pregnancy puts baby at risk of future diabetes
A high-fat diet during pregnancy may program a woman's baby for future diabetes, even if she herself is not obese or diabetic, a new study has warned. ANI

Japanese scientists to make moon a mirrorball to meet all Earth's energy needs
Japanese scientists have unveiled plans to turn the moon into a gigantic mirrorball manned by robots to provide all the Earth's energy needs. ANI

Healthy gut flora could help keep obesity at bay
A new study has shown that in the same way that poor gut flora triggers obesity, its healthy counterpart could reduce the risk. ANI

Drink-driving women likelier to be older, educated, widowed or separated
A research has shown that female drink-drivers are more likely to be older, better educated and divorced, widowed or separated. ANI

Scientists debunk theory of end of 'Snowball Earth' ice age
Researchers have debunked the theory of the end of 'Snowball Earth' ice age. ANI

Galactic 'train wrecks' atlas created to know how galaxies form and evolve
Researchers have predicted that five billion years from now, our Milky Way galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. ANI

NASA scientists tracking mysterious cosmic molecules
Space scientists are using a unique specialized facility, called the Cosmic Simulation Chamber (COSmIC) - that can recognize the molecular structure of particles in space - to track unidentified matter seen for the last century absorbing certain wavelengths of light from distant stars. ANI

1 in 5 young American adults has high BP
Nearly 20 percent of young adults in the U.S. may have high blood pressure, a new government-funded study has revealed. ANI

Japan earthquake appears to increase quake risk in other parts of country
Scientists have said that Japan's recent magnitude 9.0 earthquake, which triggered a devastating tsunami, could increase risk of sizeable aftershocks in other parts of the country for years. ANI

Scientists envisage vaccines for malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS by 2020
Scientists have shared insight into rational vaccine development, and envisage that by 2020 there would be vaccines for malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS. ANI

Massive star about 150 times the mass of Sun discovered near Milky Way
Astronomers have discovered a very massive, isolated star in a galaxy near our Milky Way. ANI

NASA to launch spacecraft in 2016 to 'explore into deep space'
NASA has announced the launch of a spacecraft to an asteroid in 2016. ANI

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