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Technology News on May 24, 2011

Acetaminophen use cuts prostate cancer risk by 38 pc
Use of 30 tablets a month or more of acetaminophen for five or more years is associated with an estimated 38 percent lower risk of prostate cancer, according to a new study. ANI

Soon, drivers to become 'friends' with cars on Toyota social networking site
Toyota Motor is developing a new social networking service for motorists that will enable drivers become "friends" with their cars and provide "tweets" about maintenance checks. ANI

Mechanism by which innate immune system proteins kill bacteria identified
Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have found that a group of proteins that act as the body's built-in line of defense against invading bacteria use a molecular trick to induce bacteria to destroy themselves. ANI

Protein in yogurt, dairy products can treat inflammatory bowel disorders
A new study has found that a protein isolated from beneficial bacteria found in yogurt and dairy products could offer a new, oral therapeutic option for inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD). ANI

Compound from Indian herb offers pain relief without any side effects
Scientists have found that a rare natural product obtained from the bark of a plant widely employed in traditional medicine in China, Thailand, and India shows potent pain-killing properties. ANI

Black holes 'spinning faster than ever before'
The giant black holes in the center of galaxies are on average spinning faster than at any time in the history of the Universe, it has emerged. ANI

New nanoscopic imaging could help detect, treat multiple sclerosis
Achieving a new method of nanoscopic imaging, scientists at UC Santa Barbara have paved the way for new experimental methods for early detection, diagnosis, staging, and possible treatment of pathological tissues that are precursors to multiple sclerosis and other membrane-associated diseases. ANI

Spanish researchers develop light-weight electric motorcycle prototype
A group of engineers at Carlos III University of Madrid have developed a prototype of a high-performance electric motorcycle. ANI

Twitter users can land up in 'rude shock' for flouting injunction
Thousands of Twitter users may find themselves in a 'rude shock' if they flout injunctions, the way they did in the case of 'Big Brother' participant Imogen Thomas and premier League footballer Ryan Gigs. ANI

Unique man-made materials could ease wireless power transfer
Electrical engineers have found that unique man-made materials should theoretically make it possible to improve the power transfer to small devices without wires. ANI

Electricity from microbes one step closer to reality
Scientists at the University of East Anglia are one step closer to using bacteria to generate energy. ANI

Researchers ignore evolutionary purpose of memory: Psychologist
Cognitive psychologist Douglas L. Hintzman has urged memory researchers and theorists to consider the wide variety of things that memory does for us and not to oversimplify them. ANI

Special wound dressing could reduce surgical scarring
A team of researchers at Stanford University have developed a special wound dressing that they report was able to significantly reduce scar tissue caused by incisions. ANI

Mediterranean Sea invaded by hundreds of alien species
A new study has revealed that the coastal environments of the eastern Mediterranean Sea have been invaded by more than 900 new alien species in recent decades, including the poisonous pufferfish. ANI

New pre-meal dietary supplement can cut fat and sugar absorption
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard University researchers have developed a nano-dietary supplement, which they claim when taken before meals, can substantial reduce fat and sugar absorption in the body. ANI

Soon, you will eat meat grown in test tubes!
At some point in the future, you will get to eat meat that would not be coming from livestock, but a lab. ANI

Leech found in Peru and Titanic bug among top 10 new species of 2011
Scientists have announced their picks for the top 10 new species described in 2010. ANI

Kids 'learn words in moments of insight, not gradually through repeated exposure'
University of Pennsylvania psychologists have overturned the dominant theory of how children learn their first words, suggesting that it occurs more in moments of insight than gradually through repeated exposure. ANI

People in 20s 'have more than 1,000 friends than those in 50s in Facebook'
A new study conducted by consumer research group Intersperience has revealed that social networking sites certainly do not allure people aged above fifties in the UK as they have fewer than 20 friends on Facebook whereas people in twenties have more than 1,000 friends on the same site. ANI

Sensitivity to alcohol linked to heredity
People who have a close relative who is an alcoholic react more positively to alcohol than other people, according to a new research. ANI

Only 4pc of galaxies in the universe are similar to the Milky Way
A team of researchers who on their quest to find out how unique is the Milky Way galaxy have found that only four percent of galaxies are like the galaxy Earth calls home. ANI

Nubian-era mummies shed light on 'modern' plague
A study of about 25 percent of mummies from along the Nile have revealed that how age-old irrigation techniques might have boosted the plague of schistosomiasis, a water-borne parasitic disease that infects an estimated 200 million people today. ANI

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope views star that changed universe
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has viewed that star which has changed the universe. ANI

Link between obesity gene, breast cancer uncovered
A new research aimed to better identify the genetic factors that lead to breast cancer has uncovered a link between the fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO) and a higher incidence of breast cancer. ANI

Placebo treatment heals headache!
A new study found a considerable number of patients recovered from headache when treated with placebo. ANI

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