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Technology News on May 23, 2011

Gene's role in bone growth may lead to new treatment of osteoporosis
Scientists have shed new light into the mechanism by which bone cells produce new bone in response to mechanical stresses, such as exercise. ANI

Scientists set new data speed record using single laser
A group of scientists has set a new data speed record transmitting 26 terabits- equivalent of 700 DVDs- per second using a single laser. ANI

Now, IBM's supercomputer to help docs diagnose and treat diseases
International computer manufacturer IBM has made another major advancement with its supercomputer. ANI

New study reveals possibility of species reemergence after collapse
Certain species of stickleback fish have collapsed into hybrid swarms as water clarity in their native lakes has changed, and certain species of tree frogs have collapsed as vegetation has been removed around their shared breeding ponds. ANI

Keeping faith 'opens mind but may shrink brain'
A new research has suggested that keeping faith could open your mind, but it can also cause your brain to shrink at a different rate. ANI

Fire victim undergoes radical double hand transplant
A fire victim, who lost the use of both his hands, has undergone the most radical double hand transplant yet attempted. ANI

Bad things about someone mesmerize us
A new research has revealed why people are more interested in negative gossip about someone than positive things- such as talks of Arnold Schwarzenegger's alleged love child or the latest steamy details in the 'IMF sex scandal'. ANI

A baby chair that drives your restless kids to sleep as an actual car!
U.S experts have brought good news for parents who are desperate for a way to get their children to sleep without driving them around in the car. ANI

Role of bacteria in degrading Gulf oil spill revealed
Since last year's Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, microbiologists have been working to understand how underwater currents may have primed marine microorganisms to degrade the oil. ANI

Bronze Age battle site found in Germany
A team of archeologists say they've unearthed remains that could be evidence of a major Bronze Age battle during land and riverbed excavations in the Tollense Valley in northern Germany. ANI

New drug target could effectively treat breast cancer
Researchers from the Imperial College London have identified a new protein involved in the development of drug resistance in breast cancer which could be a target for new treatments. ANI

'Hard-to-get' brain cell cultivated in lab dish
The most common brain cell in the human nervous system, called the astrocyte, is often overlooked as compared to its cousin, the neuron. ANI

Ulcer bacteria may trigger Parkinson's disease
A Louisiana State University scientist has found that the stomach bacteria H. pylori that causes ulcers could also play a role in the development of Parkinson's disease. ANI

Anti-inflammatory role of TNF protein may lead to new rheumatoid arthritis therapy
A new study has found that a powerful pro-inflammatory protein, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), can also suppress aspects of inflammation. ANI

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee leaves wife, begins new relationship
It has emerged that the inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Timothy Berners-Lee has left his American wife and embarked on a new relationship with Rosemary Leith, with whom he has worked on Internet projects. ANI

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