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Technology News on May 22, 2011

Real nature beats technological versions for human well-being
A new study has argued that regardless of technological advancements, humans need exposure to the natural world in order to flourish. ANI

Conserving water means conserving energy, reducing pollution
A new study has explained the link between water and energy consumption, and the greenhouse gases emitted as a byproduct, encouraging state leaders and consumers to take steps towards reducing water consumption and saving energy. ANI

Project 'Squid Skin' looks to decode cephalopods' skills at camouflage
Some marine animals known as coleoid cephalopods, which includes octopus, squid, and cuttlefish are wizards of camouflage. While these masters of disguise change their appearance based on visual cues, they do so while being completely colorblind. ANI

New drug that can kill cervical cancer virus on the anvil
A group of researchers at Leeds University has decoded the way the human papilloma virus causes cancerous changes and are now working with chemists to adapt existing antiviral drugs to block cervical cancer. ANI

How retinas develop
Studies by UC Santa Barbara researchers on expanding vision have revealed the basic biological understanding on how retinas develop. ANI

A shift away from outdoor activities is making today's kids weaker
Children are becoming weaker, less muscular and unable to do physical tasks that previous generations found simple, a new research has revealed. ANI

NZ's WilliamsWarn makes personal brewery dream come true
New Zealand-based WilliamsWarn has launched a personal brewing machine that can produce customized, commercial-quality beer in as few as seven days. ANI

Google dumps efforts to digitize newspaper archives
Google has shut down its five-year-old effort to scan and digitize newspaper archives dating back to the 18th century. ANI

Llama dung, maize revolution behind Inca success in Peruvian Andes
A study has indicated that inhospitable Andean highlands of Peru could nurture the great Inca civilisation that dominated South America for hundreds of years due to llama dung. ANI

New computer filter could detect p*rn content through sound
Scientists have developed a new weapon to fight against lewd footage appearing on computers through a 'p*rn filter', which recognizes the sound of sex. ANI

Facebook to fight child p*rn with Microsoft's PhotoDNA
In a bid to drive paedophiles away from its service, Facebook will implement a Microsoft technology to automatically trawl photos posted by users for child abuse. ANI

Soon, smartphones may help people with hearing problems
A new system that adapts cell phone sound processing hold promise to bring cochlear implant technology closer to offering the best of both acoustical worlds: speech and music, in people with hearing problems. ANI

Vowel sounds help to distinguish between gay, heterosexuals
A new study has suggested that the vowel sounds in an unfamiliar voice help identify a speaker's sexual orientation. ANI

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