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Technology News on May 2, 2011

Facebook used in 90 percent of divorces
Social networking sites are becoming primary source of evidence in divorce proceedings, according to US lawyers. ANI

Study pushes for smoke-free car laws to protect infants
A new study has highlighted the socially unacceptable practice of subjecting children to any tobacco smoke exposure in cars. ANI

Babies insufficiently breastfed, finds study
Breastfeeding benefits to the babies are multiple, however, that seems to have become an ancient wisdom for modern day women. ANI

Caffeine, technology ruining teens' sleep patterns
Researchers have for decades been studying the effect of increasing use of media at night and its impact on adolescent sleep time. ANI

Asking adolescents what they wish for, could be eye opening
A new study has found that while trying to figure out what's going on in an adolescent's mind can be challenging, simply asking them what they wish for could prove to be eye-opening. ANI

Scale to assess newborns exposed to methamphetamine may predict later problems
A scale used to assess the behaviour of newborns exposed to methamphetamine before birth might be able to identify those children who will develop problems later on. ANI

New ice-melting probe could help penetrate frozen environs on Earth, Mars
A team of scientists have developed a new type of ice-melting probe, known as an IceMole, which may one day penetrate frozen environs on Earth or Mars. ANI

Scientists estimate sea level rise by studying past carbon dioxide levels
A team of scientists have found how an estimate of the sea level rise can be made by looking at atmospheric carbon dioxide levels 3 million years ago. ANI

'Multiple media' proves to be a distraction for multitaskers
A new study of media multitasking by Boston College researchers have indicated that multitaskers who think they can successfully divide their attention between the program on their television set and the information on their computer screen proved to be driven to distraction by the two devices. ANI

New genetic cause of neurodegeneration identified
Two mutations responsible for a devastating neurological condition they first identified 15 years ago have been discovered by Mayo Clinic researchers. ANI

High gas prices lead to decline in traffic accidents
Rising gas prices create an accompanying decline in all traffic accidents, including drunk-driving crashes, according to a study by Mississippi State's Social Science Research Center. ANI

Kids with TVs in their bedrooms 'likelier to be overweight'
Children with TVs in their bedrooms are more likely to be overweight, a new small study of Hispanic children has found. ANI

Early intervention may prevent smoking
A School of Nursing professor has shed light on the fact that nicotine addiction can start well before smokers are old enough to legally buy cigarettes. ANI

Scientists develop software for recognizing double entendre joke
Two computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a system for recognising a particular type of double entendre joke. ANI

Kids having their own savings a/c 6 times likelier to attend college
Three studies have found that among youth who expected to graduate from a four-year college, those with a savings account in their name were approximately six times more likely to attend college than those with no account. ANI

Sensor 'could protect first responders against chemical hazards'
A team of researchers have suggested that a new kind of sensor could warn emergency workers when carbon filters in the respirators they wear to avoid inhaling toxic fumes have become dangerously saturated. ANI

Kids who self-unbuckle at high risk for serious injuries
A new study has revealed that most children who first unbuckle were age three and under and that many unbuckle while the vehicle is in motion-putting them at a 3.5-fold increased risk for serious injuries. ANI

Scientists create largest-ever three-dimensional map of distant universe
Scientists have created the largest-ever three-dimensional map of the distant universe using the light of the brightest objects in the cosmos. ANI

Second-hand cigarette smoke associated with raised blood pressure in boys
A study has found that exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke, even at extremely low levels, is associated with increased blood pressure in boys. ANI

Too much or too little sleep may accelerate cognitive aging by 4 to 7 years
A study has found how changes in sleep that occur over a five-year period in late middle age affect cognitive function in later life. ANI

Why a class of diabetes drugs boosts weight gain
Researchers have determined why a certain class of diabetes drugs boost weight gain and have found that the molecular system involved (PPAR-gamma found in the brain) is also triggered by consumption of high-fat foods. ANI

Every year they get closer and they know I'm filming them': UFO fan
A UFO enthusiast has claimed that he has recorded many extraordinarily clear images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio, and that the objects inside know they are being filmed. ANI

Combining physical activity with classroom lessons improves academics
A new research has indicated that when schools cut physical education programs so students can spend more time in the classroom, they may be missing a golden opportunity to promote learning. ANI

Unique approach to 'improve dental hygiene in dementia patients' found
A pilot study by a team of nurses has now found a tailored approach to improve dental hygiene in dementia patients. ANI

Prenatal exposure to chemical in plastic linked to wheezing in kids
A Penn State College of Medicine researcher has indicated that exposure to chemical bisphenol A during early pregnancy may be associated with wheezing in children. ANI

Early period leads to baby girls: Study
A new study has suggested that women who start menstruating earlier than their peers are more likely to give birth to girls. ANI

Soya- egg yolk mix helps UK mum give birth after 3 miscarriages, failed IVF
A UK couple, who struggled to have a baby after three miscarriages and failed IVF treatments, are now proud parents of twins-thanks to a mix of soya and egg yolk. ANI

Soon, genetically modified mosquitoes to curb malaria
Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Washington in Seattle have found that they can destroy mosquito genes, that allow the malaria parasite to reach humans' bloodstreams, via genetic approach. ANI

NASA's Endeavour launch delayed again until at least May 8
NASA has once again delayed the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour at least the end of the week, as it is working to correct the electrical problem that postponed Friday's original launch attempt. ANI

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