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Technology News on May 18, 2011

Vitamin A, beta-carotene supplements do not reduce maternal, infant death
It was previously thought that prevention of vitamin A deficiency among women in developing countries may improve maternal and infant survival. ANI

Soon, hacking would be made ineffective!
Computer passwords are never fully secure. Hackers have by all means and ways taken advantage of security loopholes, as can seen by the increasing number of websites and databases that are compromised everyday. ANI

Workplace smoking ban cuts emergency room admissions
Workplace smoking bans will reduce emergency room admissions due to respiratory illness, according to a new study. ANI

Many baby products found to contain banned toxic chemicals
A new study has found that though banned a few years ago, products such as car seats, bassinet mattresses, nursing pillows, high chairs, strollers et al, designed for newborns, infants and toddlers, still carry potentially toxic flame retardants. ANI

Stem cell therapy may cure damaged tissues
Scientists claim that stem cell therapy might pave the way to treating age-related muscle wasting. ANI

New diamond that is lighter than ever created
Livermore researchers have created a nanocyrstalline diamond aerogel that could improve the optics for something as big as a telescope or as small as the lenses in eyeglasses. ANI

Scientists discover gene that determines your intelligence
A team of researchers has found a gene responsible for brain size and development, which helps spell the difference between a genius and an idiot. ANI

Simple face masks 'can help cut TB transmission into half'
A new study involving an Indian-origin researcher has suggested that face masks worn by patients infected with tuberculosis (TB) may be able to significantly cut transmission rates to non-infected patients. ANI

Shuttle Endeavour docks at space station ahead of final launch
NASA'S space shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station for the 12th and final time on Wednesday after a two-day orbital chase. ANI

Geographic profiling may help target malaria, AIDS and TB
A new study has shown that geographic profiling, a technique used in the hunt for serial killers, can also help combat infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. ANI

Some dinosaurs may soon go extinct from record books
Certain dinosaurs may soon go extinct from the record books because they are duplicates of animals already on the books. ANI

Rising greenhouse gases 'may lead to another mass extinction of marine life'
A new study has warned that the rapidly increasing levels of greenhouse gases in our oceans could lead to another mass extinction of marine life that happened during prehistoric times. ANI

Dynamics of crucial protein linked to diabetes and cancer revealed
Scientists have shed light on a protein critical to the physiological processes involved in major diseases such as diabetes and cancer. ANI

Measuring brain waves may help predict schizophrenia
A new study by German and Swiss researchers has found that measuring brain waves may help predict the risk for developing schizophrenia. ANI

Old typewriter is back as a keyboard!
Here's good news for all those people who claim to be nostalgic for the old typewriter days. ANI

Now, a 33-in-1 golf club that can be adjusted to mimic a bag of woods and irons!
Inventors are swearing on it as the only golf club you will ever need. ANI

Study confirms playing video games ups food intake in kids
Health researchers have observed that playing video games causes children to increase their food intake and/or decrease their energy expenditure. ANI

Alleviating chronic low back pain can reverse brain's abnormal changes
A group of pain researchers from McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre has suggested that the treatment of chronic low back pain can reverse abnormal brain activity and function. ANI

Roots of memory impairment due to sleep deprivation identified
Everyone, from high-school students to surgeons, has known that pulling an all-nighter results in cognitive impairments. ANI

Blame your anxiety more on your gut than brain!
For the first time, researchers have concluded that bacteria residing in the gut influence brain chemistry and behaviour. ANI

Drinking coffee regularly 'can slash prostate cancer risk in men'
A new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers has indicated that men who regularly drink coffee appear to have a lower risk of developing a lethal form of prostate cancer. ANI

Mystery behind 'God particle' likely to be solved by 2012 end
Scientists have claimed that the answer to the biggest question in science - does the 'God particle' exist? - is likely to be answered by the end of next year. ANI

5 things you should never share on Facebook
Almost every user likes to share everything on their Facebook page but certain updates can lead to criticism, embarrassment and even job termination. ANI

The foldable Uno III motorbike that can manoeuvre through any jam!
A newly developed motorbike will not only allow you to weave through the heavy traffic jams but could also be driven into a building and even fit in the lift. ANI

'Brocial network' Facebook swapping racy images of women
At least four players from a Melbourne-based AFL club are allegedly among 8000 members of a 'men's only' Facebook group that has been circulating images of scantily clad women without their knowledge. ANI

Android handsets 'potentially' vulnerable to data leaks
A team of security experts at the University of Ulm in Germany has discovered that the millions of smartphones which use the Android software promoted by Google are susceptible to leak data to criminals looking to launch an impersonation attack. ANI

Egyptian princess was 1st person in human history to have heart disease
An Egyptian princess is known to be first person in human history with diagnosed coronary artery disease. ANI

Is there a new breed of comet at the heart of Hartley-2?
NASA researchers have claimed that they have discovered possibly a new breed of comet at the heart of Hartley-2. ANI

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