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Technology News on May 15, 2011

Cornell's robot sets world record, walks 40.5 miles on a single charge
The Cornell Ranger, a bipedal robot developed by the Biorobotics and Locomotion Lab at Cornell, has smashed the world record by walking 40.5 miles at a speed of 1.3 mph on a single battery charge without stopping or human hand-holding. ANI

UK coaches 'alcolocked' to prevent drunk driving
To prevent fatal train accidents caused due to drunk driving, UK authorities are installing coaches a device called 'alcolock', which disables the coach if the driver is found drunk. ANI

Youth 'more positive toward immigrants than older Americans'
A new study has shed light on Americans' attitudes on immigration, race, ethnicity and religion. ANI

Chinese scientists unearth new dinosaur species
A new species of giant theropod dinosaur has been found in the eastern province of Shandong, scientists have said. ANI

Onions, green tea and olive leaf can help tackle obesity
A biomedical professor has found onions, green tea and olive leaf extract can fight obesity and its related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and fatty liver, even when a high-fat and high-carbohydrate diet is indulged in. ANI

1 in 1000 patients stays awake during surgery
Medical experts in Australia have revealed that about one in every 1000 people who are anaesthetized report some level of awareness during surgery. ANI

$10m prize for real-life Star Trek 'tricorder' inventors
Anyone who invents a hand-held medical diagnostic device similar to the 'tricorders' from 'Star Trek' will be awarded 10million dollars, it has been proposed. ANI

Senior citizens are not afraid of crime
A criminologist at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania has found that elder adults are not afraid of crime as it was reported to be in previous studies. ANI

Here's how we can influence other people's decisions
A certain quality of your speech can help you convince others to do something. ANI

How breast cancer cells adapt to environmental stress
A team of cancer scientists has discovered a new aspect of 'metabolic transformation', the process whereby tumour cells adapt and survive under conditions that would kill normal cells. ANI

Language of sperm whales abound with accents, regional dialects
Sperm whales make patterns of clicks to each other known as 'codas' when they dive together. ANI

Amateur astronomer captures the entire night sky in 37,440 exposures!
An amateur astronomer set out for a 96,000-km sojourn and clicked 37,440 exposures to get the complete portrait of the entire night sky. ANI

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