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Technology News on May 14, 2011

Black-billed Magpies added to list of animals that can recognize humans
Researchers from Seoul National University have added the Black-billed Magpie to the list of animals that are capable of recognising humans. ANI

Now, control robotic arm with hand-held input device
Catching a ball with hands might not be a problem for most people but getting a robotic arm to hold the ball using a catcher attachment might be. ANI

Researchers use Facebook to identify 5,000 species of fish!
Facebook, which is known for connecting friends, has been now been used by scientists to identify thousands of varieties of fish. ANI

Sex partner exchange services running rampant on the net
Pornography is again running rampant on the Internet after partner-exchange services have started being provided online. ANI

Now, foldable smartphones with seamless screens
Small mobile phones with large screen displays have finally become a reality. ANI

Babies born by C-section 'likelier to become obese in later life'
Researchers have found that babies born by caesarean section are at greater risk of becoming obese in later life than those delivered naturally. ANI

Novel device may protect people from 'listener fatigue'
Engineers investigating "listener fatigue" have not only found the possible cause, but what they believe is a potential solution too. ANI

Coming soon- 'psychic' cars that know where to go and how to get there!
In a major auto-technology breakthrough, Ford and Google have teamed up to create a car with "psychic" powers, which can predict where it has to go and adjust the way it operates along the way. ANI

Astronomers launch search for alien life on 86 possible Earth-like planets
Astronomers at the University of California, Berkeley are aiming a radio telescope to detect signals of alien life on 86 possible Earth-like planets. ANI

Lakshmi swimwear's Australian designer Lisa lived in a mud hut in India
Lisa Burke, Australian designer-owner of Lisa Blue Swimwear label, whose depiction of the image of Goddess Lakshmi on swimwear in a recent Sydney fashion show upset Hindus worldwide, has reportedly lived in a mud hut in India. ANI

Japan develops flying locomotive that rides on air cushion!
Japan is where high-speed railways were born nearly half a century ago. ANI

Why older people fail to remember 'new' things with passing time
A Johns Hopkins neuroscientist has shed light onto why, as we get older, we face difficulty in remembering new things. ANI

Its official, knowledge of grammar is hardwired into our brains
How human children acquire language-which is so complex and has so many variations- has been one of the biggest questions concerning the language learning process. ANI

Moon's rough 'wrinkles' can reveal its age
Like wrinkles on the skin, the roughness of craters and other features on the Moon's surface can reveal its age, according to a new study. ANI

Alzheimer's risk gene damages brain 50 years before disease starts
A new study has revealed that carriers of a common Alzheimer's risk gene have impaired brain wiring, 50 years before the disease typically strikes. ANI

Scientists create new anti-flu virus proteins using computer design
Scientists have used computational methods to design new antiviral proteins not found in nature, but capable of targeting specific surfaces of flu virus molecules. ANI

NASA's web-based tool brings Moon within reach
A new interactive web-based tool that incorporates observations from past and current lunar missions creating one of the most comprehensive lunar research websites to date has been created by NASA. ANI

Why grandparents share a strong bond with their grandchildren
Wondering why grandparents and their grandchildren share strong connections across generations? A new study has provided the clue. ANI

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