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Technology News on May 11, 2011

Parents' marital strife affects their baby's sleep
A new study has found that couples having marital difficulties are more likely to have infants who are losing sleep, which may have a continuing impact on them. ANI

Teens' engagement in school linked to their sense of responsibility towards parents
A new study has found that children who feel more responsible to their parents stay engaged in school and perform better. ANI

Study solves mystery of fading childhood memories
A team of researchers has found that like most adults who cannot recall much from before the age of three or four, children can remember memories from their earliest years, but forget most of them later. ANI

Scientists trace flowers' rapid growth back to 65m years
According to scientists at the University of Tennessee, the rapid growth rate of present-day flowering plants can be traced back to 65 million years ago. ANI

Einstein College's novel combo therapy cures girl with drug-resistant TB
Belgian physicians using a novel two-drug combination developed by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have cured a young patient with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB). ANI

Taking selenium supplements won't reduce cancer risk
Some people believe that taking selenium can reduce a person's risk of cancer, but a Cochrane Systematic Review of randomized controlled clinical trials has found no protective effect against non-melanoma skin cancer or prostate cancer. ANI

Canadian student, 16, invents new drug cocktail to fight cystic fibrosis
A 16-year-old student using the Canadian SCINET supercomputing network has invented a new drug cocktail that could one day help treat cystic fibrosis. ANI

Study sheds light on brain reorganization following sensory loss
It is known that persons who have suffered major sensory loss, such as deafness, show compensatory, or even superior performance in the remaining senses, which occurs through a process of cross-modal plasticity, where loss of one sensory modality is replaced by the remaining senses. ANI

Terminally ill patients benefit from music therapy
Music can provide a great source of solace to people who face a terminal illness and are confined to a hospital bed or hospice room, according to a new study. ANI

Depressed patients 'less likely to take medications for chronic illnesses'
A new study has suggested that people who are depressed are less likely to adhere to medications for their chronic health problems than patients who are not depressed, putting them at increased risk of poor health. ANI

The authenticity of coffee depends on its contents
Empa researchers took a close look at the overall ecobalances of various coffee capsule systems and concluded that it all depends on the contents. ANI

Bad protein cuts good protein in prostate cancer development
For the first time, scientists have discovered the role of a specific protein- MAN2C1- in prostate cancer development. ANI

Zebrafish models help identify high-risk genetic features in leukemia
Researchers working with zebrafish have identified previously undiscovered high-risk genetic features in T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia (T-ALL). ANI

New technique brings artificial production of hydrogen closer to reality
Scientists have developed a new technique that will possibly improve artificial photosynthesis for the production of hydrogen.n the same way that plants use photosynthesis to transform sunlight into energy, photoelectrochemical cells use sunlight to drive chemical reactions that ultimately produce hydrogen from water. ANI

Teens not attracted by 'Foursquare', 'Facebook Places'
A new survey conducted by a youth communications agency has revealed that teenagers are not appealed by location-sharing services such as Facebook Places and Foursquare. ANI

Motor neurone disease taught me not to pity myself: Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking, one of the most respected scientists humankind has ever had, is an inspiration to all those suffering from the deadly condition called motor neurone disease. ANI

Facebook runs 'initially disapproved' movie ad featuring lesbian kiss
Though Facebook is loaded with several pages devoted to kissing, lesbians, love, and pictures of lip-locking females, the social networking website recently rejected an advertisement featuring two ladies touching tongues. ANI

Brain develops with same pace in late teens as in earlier years
A finding has suggested that boys and girls have put many of the trappings of teenagerhood behind them by the age of 18 or 19, but at least some of the brain resculpting that characterizes the decade of adolescence may still be going as strong as ever. ANI

Genetic defects may predict sudden cardiac death risk
Scientists for the first time has unravelled how genetic defects can help predict the risk of sudden cardiac death in individuals. ANI

Ostracism pain 'can be deeper and longer-lasting than a physical injury'
A Purdue University expert has indicated that ostracism or exclusion may not leave external scars, but it can cause pain that often is deeper and lasts longer than a physical injury. ANI

1950s' Tupperware parties were early forms of Facebook and Twitter!
Plastic container company Tupperware has claimed that their parties during the 1950s and 1960s hosted by housewives across the world to sell their products were the early forms of social networking before Facebook and Twitter. ANI

Even wild animals become old!
It has long been assumed that wild animals die from predation, parasites or disease before succumbing to age. ANI

Mums who give birth to twins live longer
A new study from the University of Utah has suggested that women who deliver twins will live longer. ANI

2-in-1 nanomaterial that can detect and neutralize explosives developed
Scientists have developed a two-in-one material from metal oxide nanoparticles - so small that 50,000 could fit across the width of a single human hair - that can detect and neutralize explosives. ANI

How to catch a liar
Want to know when someone is lying? Here are the indicators. ANI

Now, fuel made from Cornish pasties to power cars!
A British green fuel firm has announced its plans to make biodiesel from Cornish pasties to power cars. ANI

15 eggs 'give the best chance of a live birth after IVF'
Hoping to make a baby the high-tech way? Then 15 is the magic number. ANI

Drinking coffee reduces breast cancer risk
Coffee drinkers enjoy not only the taste of their coffee but also a reduced risk of cancer with their cuppa, according to a research. ANI

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