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Technology News on May 1, 2011

South Korea's midnight ban on young online gamers
As part of a move to reduce online addiction, South Korea has introduced a new law making it illegal for young gamers to play online after midnight. ANI

Formula-fed preemies at higher risk for dangerous GI condition
A new study has found that premature babies fed with a standard premature infant formula derived from cow's milk are at a greater risk of developing the dangerous intestinal condition necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) than babies who get human donor milk. ANI

Male docs 4 times likelier than female counterparts to misbehave
A new study has found that male doctors are four times more likely than their female counterparts to be disciplined for misconduct, and sexual misconduct is the most common reason for disciplinary action. ANI

Soon, new semiconductors to provide speed in TVs, computer monitors
Researchers and display manufacturers have found a whole new family of materials, known as amorphous oxide semiconductors, to provide the speed and stability that next-generation TVs and computer monitors will require. ANI

Technique to treat the donor larynx developed
A technique to treat the donor larynx so that the recipient's body accepts it as its own have been developed by researchers. ANI

Imperial period Roman ship unearthed near Rome
Italian archaeologists have discovered remains of an imperial period Roman ship near Ostia Antica, a port city founded some 2,500 years ago. ANI

20 pc head teachers in UK being bullied on Facebook: Poll
A poll has found that a fifth of head teachers in the UK have been bullied by pupils or parents on Facebook and other social networking sites. ANI

Pharmacy errors 'may put kids at high risk of painkiller overdose'
A research has indicated that parents who give young children prescription painkillers should take extra care to make sure they give just the right amount because the dose given to them by the pharmacy could be too high. ANI

Crude oil chemical linked to congenital heart disease
Fetal exposure to a chemical found in crude oil is associated with an increased risk of congenital heart disease (CHD), a new study has found.he study also showed that babies who had been exposed in utero to a chemical found in cleaning agents and spot removers were at increased risk of CHD. ANI

Coming soon: Cloned hair follicles to cure baldness!
In two years, you may have a new treatment for your hair loss. ANI

Video games 'help cystic fibrosis patients keep their airways clearer'
A new study has suggested that video games controlled by the player's breath can encourage youths with cystic fibrosis to use techniques that can help keep their airways clearer. ANI

Oldest remains of Caspian Horse unearthed in Iran
A team of archaeologists has discovered the oldest remains of Caspian horse, also known as the Mazandaran horse, during their eighth season of archaeological research in Gohar Tappeh, in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran. ANI

New discovery opens up novel strategy for combating malaria
A group of researchers has discovered that a class of chemotherapy drugs originally designed to inhibit key signaling pathways in cancer cells also kills the parasite that causes malaria. ANI

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