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Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker's 'drunken fight' outside Hollywood club

October 15, 2011 - London

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg reportedly got into an alcohol-fuelled shouting match with Napster co-founder Sean Parker over the site's new ties with Spotify outside a Hollywood club.

The New York Post reported that the two were at the Hollywood hotspot The Beverly this month to mark the music service's launch with Facebook.

But after boozing it up long into the night, the two got into a heated conversation that turned into a public dust-up outside the club.

"Sean and Mark had done the big Spotify launch and headed to The Beverly to party," the Daily Mail quoted a source as telling the paper.They spent a lot of money on alcohol, and as the night went on they got into an intense discussion, which turned into a loud argument as they left," the source added.

But a rep for Parker denied the claims saying, "Most stories have a grain of truth. There were together at The Beverly, they did discuss Spotify and Facebook, but they did not have an argument."

Spotify is partly backed by Parker, who made his name as a supporter of the original Napster music service before becoming a backer of Facebook.


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