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Technology News on March 9, 2011

Animals' thighbones study reveals how they can efficiently carry loads
A new research has revealed that the structures inside animals' thighbones enable them to support huge loads whilst being relatively lightweight. ANI

UK docs, medical students' academic performance varies by ethnicity
A new study has found that UK trained doctors and medical students from minority ethnic groups tend to underperform academically compared with their white counterparts. ANI

Computer games making Brit kids fall asleep in school
A teacher in Britain has warned that computer games are making kids fall asleep in primary school as they sit up till morning to play.ichard Gribble said pupils as young as ten were "addicted" to gaming - leaving them so tired they doze off at their desks. ANI

Study examines link between HIV and cancer in patients
A new study has examined the prevalence of cancer in HIV patients. ANI

Passive news reports make it difficult for readers to find out the truth
A new study has claimed that when news reports present both sides of a story minus facts, it becomes difficult for readers to determine the truth. ANI

Superfast MRAM with low power consumption on the anvil
A new invention by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is set to revolutionize digital data storage. ANI

Negative classroom environment harmful for kids' mental health
A new study has found that children in classrooms with inadequate material resources and children whose teachers feel they are not respected by colleagues exhibit more mental health problems than students in classrooms without these issues. ANI

Eating disorders 'double in Muslim teens than in Christian'
A University of Granada study has found that eating disorders are 2.3-fold higher among Muslim adolescents than among their Christian classmates. ANI

Here's why people are so obsessed with their idol's belongings
Replica of a 1948 Gibson guitar, once played by Eric Clapton, is likely to fetch a 20,000 dollars in an auction but the original was sold for one million dollars. Now, social scientists tell you why value of the object falls dramatically if it's not the original one. ANI

Users' consent required by websites tracking cookies on Internet
A major shake up is likely in the way websites track visitors and tailor ads to their behaviour in the UK May onwards. ANI

New study paves way for controlling chronic pain
University of California researchers have discovered a "cross-talk" between two major biological pathways that involve pain-research that may pave the way for new approaches to understanding and controlling chronic pain. ANI

Insecticide-treated mosquito nets prevent Japanese Encephalitis
Using treated mosquito nets could drastically reduce the transmission of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) to humans, reveals a new study. ANI

New test may be more accurate in identifying STI
A recent study has found that a new test may be more accurate in identifying a common sexually transmitted infection (STI), Trichamonos vaginalis (TV). ANI

Drug that stops progression of Parkinson's disease in mice found
Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have discovered a drug that stops the progression of Parkinson's disease in mice and is currently being tested on humans. ANI

Facebook bans breast cancer survivor's photo of reconstructed breasts
Social networking site Facebook has blocked a breast cancer survivor after she published a photo of her reconstructed br**ts following her operation. ANI

12pc of pooches with Facebook profiles have more friends than you do
Some canines with Facebook profiles have more friends on the social networking site than you do, according to a new survey. ANI

Text messaging helps smokers kick the butt
A pair of related studies on smoking cessation have isolated the brain regions most active in controlling urges to smoke and demonstrated the effectiveness of text-messaging to measure and intervene in those urges. ANI

Is the Earth headed for a Moonageddon in 2 weeks?
In two weeks, the Earth could be headed for a big showdown according to some, for the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth in 18 years, an event that is known as a "lunar perigee". ANI

Laughter is the best medicine for patients with leg ulcers
For patients with venous leg ulcers, the best prescription is good quality nursing care - and the occasional belly laugh! ANI

Prof uses Batman to put some zing into physiology class
One might ask what's a good way to make physiology class more interesting - the answer is Batman - at least for one professor. ANI

Ultrafast laser to make solar cells more affordable, efficient
Researchers at Purdue University's Center are developing a technology that employs ultrafast pulsing laser to help make solar cells more affordable and efficient. ANI

Hearing 'climate change' causes more panic than 'global warming'
'Global warming' and 'climate change' are two terms used to refer to the same phenomena but more people believe in the latter than the former, according to a new study. ANI

Quantum mechanics could tell us 'how long a tuning fork rings'
According to a new study, quantum mechanics may hold the answer to an age-old question: How long does a tuning fork ring? ANI

New technique to identify senders of anonymous emails
Concordia University researchers have developed a technique to find out the sender of an anonymous email. ANI

ADAM-12 gene 'may hold key to cancer, arthritis and cardiac treatments'
University of Missouri scientists have found that ADAM-12 gene could play a major role in the fight against cancer, arthritis, and cardiac hypertrophy, or thickening of the heart's walls. ANI

Women feel guilty dealing with work issues at home: Study
Communication technologies are often seen as solutions to balancing work and family life. ANI

Supermarket carts 'more toxic than public bathrooms'
A new study has suggested that supermarket carts are often more toxic than public bathrooms. ANI

Boy toddlers need extra help coping with negative emotions
A new study has suggested that the way you react to your two-year-old's temper tantrums or clinginess may lead to anxiety, withdrawal and behavior problems down the road. ANI

Cerebellum offers clues to nature of human intelligence
A new research has shed light on the nature of human intelligence. ANI

NASA's MESSENGER set to orbit Mercury
After passing Earth once and Venus twice, NASA's MESSENGER is now set to orbit the Solar System's innermost planet-Mercury. ANI

'Missing carbon' may explain reduced density of Mars' atmosphere
A new study has tried to find an explanation to the decreasing density of Mars' atmosphere. ANI

Mother hens 'can feel their chicks' pain'
The ability to feel someone's pain or see their point of view was once thought to be uniquely human. But recent studies suggest that animals may also experience empathy. ANI

Babies 'can remember melodies they heard in the womb'
Newborn babies are able to recognize the melodies they heard while they were inside the wombs of their mothers, according to a new study. ANI

Violent video games may help soldiers sleep better
A new study has suggested that regularly playing video games, involving combat and war, could help soldiers cope with nightmares and sleep better. ANI

Why 90pc of us choose to work with our right hand rather than left
A new study tries to find out why a majority of us - 90 pc - are biased towards using our right hand than left. ANI

Why our skin doesn't dissolve in the bath
Scientists in Australia have found the answer to why our skin goes wrinkly but doesn't dissolve in the bath. ANI

Teens prefer a shot of liquor to a bottle of beer, finds study
A new study has found that nearly 50 percent of American teenagers would rather have a shot of liquor than a bottle of beer. ANI

Causing oneself physical pain reduces feelings of guilt of doing wrong
A new study set out to find if self-inflicted pain really alleviates the guilt associated with immoral acts. ANI

Modern humans 'originated from southern Africa'
An extensive genetic study has suggested that modern humans may have generated out of southern Africa. ANI

Making human-like robots for easier interaction with people
Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have found that when robots move in a more human-like fashion, people find it easier to interact with them and mimic them. ANI

'Frozen smoke' paves way for improved robotic surgery, batteries
Researchers are designing less invasive surgical techniques and robots using a spongy material known as 'frozen smoke.' ANI

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