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Technology News on March 6, 2011

PG-13 movies becoming more violent, says study
A new study has found that Hollywood films rated PG-13 today are significantly more violent than those with the same rating a generation ago. ANI

Glowing bright pink spiral galaxy closer than previously thought
A new image of the star-forming regions of a nearby spiral galaxy has suggested that it is closer than previously thought. ANI

Now, cheap, efficient method to convert algae into renewable fuel
University of Arkansas researchers have developed a method for converting common algae into butanol-a renewable fuel that can be used in existing combustible engines. ANI

Ancient fish that eats inside cavity of dead animal with its skin, gills
University of British Columbia researchers have found that an ancient species of fish called Hagfish burrows into the body cavity of the dead or dying animal to eat not only with its mouth, but also with its skin and gills. ANI

Gene discovery could shed light on foetal, childhood growth retardation
A new discovery University of Montreal researchers could improve our understanding of many disorders such as foetal and childhood growth retardation, abnormal development of body parts and cancer. ANI

260mn NASA rocket crashes into sea
A NASA rocket carrying satellite worth 260 million pounds plummeted into the sea after a failed launch attempt. ANI

People lie more online than in face-to-face chats
A person more is likely to lie on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and online dating portals than in a face-to-face conversation, suggest experts. ANI

Homeless kids' use of social networking can up risky sex behaviour
A study has shown that the use of social networking in homeless children can increase risky sexual behaviours. ANI

Too much choice will leave you lonely: Study
British Scientists have found that the more options you have for choosing a lover, the likelier you are to end up alone. ANI

Facebook can boost self-esteem: Study
Facebook can have a positive influence on the self-esteem of college students, according to a new study. ANI

Kidney transplant patients with low physical activity 'likely to die early'
A study has indicated that low physical activity increases kidney transplant patients' likelihood of dying early. ANI

Futuristic 'sleek jets' could be new travel option for fliers
Travelling by jumbo jets could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new futuristic sleek jets that NASA plans to introduce. ANI

NASA scientist finds 'worm-like alien life form in meteorite'
Maybe this is what an alien really looks like - a worm-like bacteria. ANI

Heightened interpersonal security 'cuts monetary value of possessions'
A new research from the University of New Hampshire has suggested that people who feel more secure in receiving love and acceptance from others place less monetary value on their possessions. ANI

How quickly you learn those dance moves may be in your genes
Do you find it easy to pick up a dance move or are you the kind with two left feet? Either way, you have your genes to thank or blame, says a new study. ANI

It's not clothes, cars or scotch that make a man, but a protein!
A new study finds that what really makes a man is his expression of the lone X chromosome and the activity of a protein complex that gives enzymes on the chromosome an extra boost to increase gene expression. ANI

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