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Technology News on March 5, 2011

How depression and anxiety influence physical symptoms
For decades, researchers have hypothesized that negative emotions lead to inflated reports of common physical symptoms. ANI

Virtual reality can improve design skills in Gen Y
Researchers at the University of Missouri, who are studying ways to integrate technology into design learning, have found that virtual reality platform can really improve design skills in younger generation. ANI

Sperm quality deteriorating 'likely due to chemical exposure'
A new study has blamed falling sperm quality and rise in testicular cancer cases over the recent years on environmental reasons, particularly chemical exposure. ANI

NewGen radiation treatment effective in advanced head and neck cancer
Clinical trials at Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland to assess the efficacy and safety of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) indicate that it has the potential to treat patients with advanced head and neck cancer who have not responded to previous treatments. ANI

Island tool finds offer insights into lives of first Americans
Caches of tools and animal remains, unearthed the islands off the coast of California, are shedding new light on how early Americans lived and ate around 12,000 years ago. ANI

Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' 'based on an ancient Irish tale'
Scholars have long agreed that William Shakespeare based his Hamlet on Amlethus, a legendary figure found in the 'History of the Danes', a saga written around 1200. ANI

New microscope helps create dazzling 3-D movies of live cells
Scientists at Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Farm Research Campus have invented a new microscope that will let researchers use an exquisitely thin sheet of light to peer inside single living cells, revealing the three-dimensional shapes of cellular landmarks in unprecedented detail. ANI

Novel gene therapy shows promise against Alzheimer's
Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center have reported that gene therapy that boosts the ability of brain cells to gobble up toxic proteins prevents development of Alzheimer's disease in mice that are predestined to develop it. ANI

New model to measure organic carbon in surface waters
Scientists have developed a new carbon model to estimate sources and losses of organic carbon in surface waters in the United States. ANI

New study shows promise against typhoid-causing bacteria
Bacteria like salmonellae possess an infection apparatus which is a nearly unbeatable weapon. They usually infect their host cells by hollow-needle-shaped structures, which they create in large numbers during an attack. ANI

New test hastens diagnosis of top cause of AIDS-related deaths
Early diagnosis of fungal meningitis, a leading cause of AIDS-related deaths in developing countries, may now be possible- thanks to a new, rapid blood test. ANI

Loss of key protein contributes to neuron loss in ALS
Scientists have described the profound and pervasive role of a key protein in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pathology called TDP-43. ANI

Racial identity linked to happiness: Study
A new study has shown that black people who identify more strongly with their racial identity are generally happier. ANI

GOCE satellite maps Earth's gravity with precision
The European Space Agency says that its GOCE satellite has reached its ambitious goal of mapping Earth's gravity with unprecedented accuracy. ANI

Now, a system that can warn about tsunamis within minutes
Soon, people would be able to get warning about an impending tsunami within minutes of an earthquake. ANI

Now, a software for cops to find criminals easily
Police often find it difficult to nab criminals using facial sketches, but a new technique could soon change that - thanks to the efforts led by some Michigan State University researchers. ANI

NASA's Glory satellite launch fails
NASA's attempt to launch its latest Earth observation mission has ended in failure. ANI

Antarctic ice 'may be more stable than previously thought'
Antarctica's ice may have hung on for the past 200,000 years, surviving the last interglacial- suggesting the ice sheet may be more stable than previously thought. ANI

Men 'more likely to suffer from sleepless nights due to snoring partners'
Men are far more likely to complain that their sleep is disturbed by their partner's snoring than women, according to a new research. ANI

Breast cancer survivors 'more likely to fall'
A new research has revealed that combined effects of chemotherapy and endocrine therapy may increase the risk of bone fractures in breast cancer survivors. ANI

Bone-creating protein may improve dental implant success, say scientists
Georgia Health Sciences University researchers suggest that using a bone-creating protein to augment the maxillary sinus could improve dental implant success. ANI

Quality of your sleep tells how happy you are at work
A new study has found that job satisfaction affects the quality of your sleep - 33 per cent of the most dissatisfied employees report poor sleep quality compared to only 18 per cent of the most satisfied. ANI

BlackBerry Messenger to be available on Android, Apple's iOS
BlackBerry Messenger app is set to be available on Android and Apple's iOS, according to reports. ANI

Family involvement in exercise therapy benefits stroke patients
A new study has suggested that your family's involvement in your exercise therapy could significantly improve your function and recovery after stroke. ANI

Study links happy hour to pub violence
A new study has found that pub violence is linked to happy hour-style drinking promotions. ANI

Want to know if your mate will cheat? Listen to their voice
Want to find out if your partner will cheat on you? Listen to the pitch of their voice, suggests a new study. ANI

DNA test to detect early bowel cancer could be 1 step closer
A DNA test to detect the early signs of bowel cancer could be one step closer, thanks to a new discovery. ANI

Soon, computers to understand how you feel!
A Binghamton University researcher wants computers to understand inputs from humans that go beyond the traditional keyboard and mouse. ANI

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