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Technology News on March 31, 2011

Migraine headaches in kids linked to common heart defect
A new study has suggested a connection between migraine headaches in children and a heart defect called patent foramen ovale. ANI

Frequent CT scanning for testicular cancer linked to secondary cancers
Older men with early-stage testicular cancer who opt for surveillance with regular CT scans over lymph node removal are at greater risk for secondary cancers, according to a new study. ANI

Cholesterol regulator plays key role in development of liver fibrosis
Scientists have found that a key regulator of cholesterol and fat metabolism in the liver also plays an important role in the development of liver fibrosis - the build-up of collagen scar tissue that can develop into cirrhosis. ANI

Teenage fatherhood hampers educational development
A new study has revealed that teenage fatherhood leads to a decrease in years of schooling. ANI

Sensory wiring for odours varies among individuals
One might assume that our odor-sensing nerve cells are all wired in the same way. But, they are not, according to a new study from scientists at The Scripps Research Institute. ANI

Chinese herbal medicine can improve skin-whitening creams
Scientists have discovered active ingredients in a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for skin whitening. ANI

Being in a good mood may increase forgetfulness
A University of Missouri researcher says that forgetfulness may have something to do with being in a good mood. ANI

Common lab dye may be the key to longevity
A new study has shown that basic Yellow 1, a dye used in neuroscience laboratories around the world to detect damaged protein in Alzheimer's disease, is a wonder drug for nematode worms. ANI

Common freshwater algae holds promise for nuclear clean-up
At a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, California, scientists said that common freshwater algae might hold a key to cleaning up after disasters such as Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident. ANI

Dying white dwarf stars could be fertile ground for other Earths
The best place to look for planets that can support life is around dim, dying stars called white dwarfs. ANI

Possible clues to tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer patients found
A new study has found that breast cancer patients who become resistant to tamoxifen may have low levels of a protein called Rho GDI-alpha. ANI

Bill Gates 'tried to cut his Microsoft co-founder out when he got sick with cancer'
A damning memoir by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has claimed that Bill Gates tried to cut him out of the business when he fell ill with cancer. ANI

Women's depression can erode their intimate relationships
Israeli researchers have found that a woman's depression can bring her relationship down. ANI

Drug cocktail shows promise against hepatitis C
A team of researchers has suggested that a three-drug cocktail can eliminate the hepatitis C virus in patients far more effectively than the current two-drug regimen. ANI

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