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Technology News on March 30, 2011

Scientists make first perovskite-based superlens for the infrared
Superlenses were previously made from elaborate artificial constructs known as metamaterials, which are difficult to be fabricated and tend to absorb a relatively high percentage of photons that would otherwise be available for imaging. ANI

Thinking about choices makes people less sympathetic to others
A new study has suggested that thinking about choices could make people less sympathetic to others and less likely to support policies that help people. ANI

Facebook time 'hurting kids' face-to-face time'
A new study have found that more and more parents are concerned that increased amounts of time their children spend online, social networking, twittering and instant messaging each other is decreasing their face time with family members. ANI

Old World monkeys have better numerical skills than previously thought
Researchers have discovered that Old World Monkeys have better numerical skills than previously thought. ANI

Potential new way for plants to fend off pests - starvation
A potential new way for plants to fend off pests is starvation, revealed a study at Michigan State University. ANI

NASA's Mars rover 'Spirit' 'feared lost forever after it passes a yr in silence'
It has been more than a year since Mars rover 'Spirit' last contacted Earth, and NASA now fears it will never hear from it again. ANI

NASA finds 1,235 planets that could have extra-terrestrial lifeforms
Astronomers at NASA have spent the last two years scouring the Milky Way for Earth-like planets in their quest for foreign life forms. ANI

Foetal loss could result from domestic horses mating with foreign stallions
A study has found that foetal loss is a common phenomenon in domestic horses that mate with foreign stallions. ANI

Premature death rates 'higher' among young adults than kids
A new study has claimed that premature deaths are now more likely to occur in adolescence and early adulthood than in childhood. ANI

'Bacterial dirigibles' could be the next-generation disease fighters
Scientists say they have a new candidate for treating diseases ranging from food poisoning to cancer - termed 'bacterial dirigibles'. ANI

'World's most complex cocktail' Bloody Mary's flavour chemistry revealed
After tackling the chemistry of coffee, tea, fruit juices, soda pop, beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, experts have now tackled the chemistry of the Mount Everest of cocktails, the Bloody Mary. ANI

iPod and other gadgets could soon be 'charged by pinch of the fingers'
Scientists are reporting the development of the first commercially viable nanogenerator, a flexible chip that can use body movements to generate electricity. ANI

New device uses submarine technology to detect stroke quickly
A medical device developed by retired US Navy sonar experts, using submarine technology, has become the new idea for the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of stroke. ANI

Nano-based biosensor may allow early detection of cancer cells, pathogens
Kansas State University researchers are developing a nanotechnology-based biosensor that may allow early detection of both cancer cells and pathogens, leading to increased food safety and reduced health risks. ANI

Gene combinations linked to hip osteoporosis in postmenopausal women
A study conducted at the University of Granada sayshat women with osteoporosis in their hip suffer menopause two years earlier than healthy women. ANI

Cause of fatal inflammation of the heart muscle found
Scientists have found that inflammations of the heart muscle are caused by attacks of a specific type of immune cells. ANI

Enzyme essential for healthy lung development discovered
Scientists have provided the first evidence that Eya1 protein phosphatase is a crucial regulator of the development of embryonic lung epithelial stem cells. ANI

Google to turn your smartphones into credit cards!
Web giant Google has masterminded a mobile phone that doubles as a wallet. ANI

Killer spiders prey on insects that use vibration to woo mates
Insects wanting to attract a mate are at risk of being eaten alive by killer spiders, according to a new study. ANI

Mums abused in childhood more likely to have low-birth weight babies
A new study has suggested that mothers abused as children have increased risk for giving birth to low-birth weight infants. ANI

New 'nanodrug' can attack breast cancer cells from the inside out
Researchers at Cedars-Sinai's Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute have developed a new nanodrug that breaks down barriers to attack breast cancer cells from the inside out. ANI

How Internet and smartphones affect eating habits
A new study has shed light on how new-media technology, including the Internet and smartphones, are changing college students' eating habits and their relationship to food. ANI

Mary Poppins' 'spoonful of sugar' may not be best way for medicine to go down
Taking bitter liquid medicines or drinking diet beverages may soon become a more pleasant experience thanks to a new compound that blocks taste buds' ability to detect bitter flavors. ANI

Carbon nanotube device can rapidly diagnose cancer, HIV
Engineers have developed a new device that can detect single cancer cells in a blood sample. ANI

Aging LGB adults more likely to suffer chronic disease, mental distress
A new study from UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has found that members of aging lesbian, gay and bisexual population are more likely to suffer from certain chronic conditions, even as they wrestle with the challenges of living alone in far higher numbers than the heterosexual population. ANI

Kids exposed to violence think aggression is 'normal'
A new study has found that the more children are exposed to violence, the more they think it's normal. ANI

Battery that makes electricity from water developed
A battery that takes advantage of the difference in salinity between freshwater and seawater to produce electricity has been developed by Stanford researchers. ANI

6-8 hrs' sleep, less stress best natural way to cut flab
Wondering how to lose weight without much effort? Don't stress and get some good sleep. ANI

Babies sleeping with smoker parents have thrice-higher nicotine levels
A new study has suggested that babies who sleep in the same room as their smoker parents exhibit nicotine levels that are three times higher than those who sleep in a separate room. ANI

Poor behavior students 'not always poor in academics'
Students who have poor behavior in the classroom do not always have poor grades, according to a new study. ANI

Women engaging in 'fat talk' face increased discontent with their bodies
A new study has suggested that college women who engage in 'fat talk' (speaking negatively about the size and shape of their bodies) face greater dissatisfaction with their bodies and are more likely to have internalised an ultra-thin body ideal than those who engage in fat talk less frequently. ANI

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