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Technology News on March 27, 2011

Study shows the way we live directly affects the length of our bodies
It is widely believed that people from the upper class look down on individuals belonging to the middle and lower classes. ANI

Haynes produce manual for 'Titanic' - nearly 100 yrs after it sank
Nearly a century after the world famous luxury liner sank on its maiden voyage in 1912, motor car specialists Haynes has come up with a manual for the 'unsinkable ship' -'RMS Titanic Owners' Workshop Manual 1909-12 (Olympic Class)'. ANI

Social media 'can help stressed-out, overworked mothers'
Social media can help stressed-out and overworked mothers, says an expert. ANI

Weight training safe and beneficial for pregnant women (Re-issue)
A new study has found that weight training is safe and beneficial for pregnant women provided it is a supervised, low-to-moderate intensity program. ANI

DIY DNA tests tell couples about their unborn baby's genetic disease risk
A new do-it-yourself DNA kit, set to be launched by an Australian company, will allow couples to find out if they could pass on a genetic disease to a baby. ANI

An age suit that transforms wearer into a 74-year-old!
Researchers at MIT's Age Lab have designed a suit to transform someone into a 74-year-old to understand the effects ageing has on the body. ANI

Video game's 'babe-slapping' mode upsets women's rights-groups
A new videogame, set for release this spring, has received harsh criticism for its depiction of women. ANI

Walking patterns of spiders, crabs inspire robot locomotion
European researchers have said that the walking patterns of crabs, lobsters and spiders walk are helping to inspire novel ways to get robots moving around. ANI

Looking into eyes may help predict amputation risk in diabetics
A simple eye test can be used to diagnose nerve damage associated with diabetes - the most common cause of foot ulcers and amputations. ANI

'Earliest known life on Earth' may be rock fractures filled with crystals
Twenty years ago, 3.5-billion-year-old microbes discovered embedded in rock in Australia were described as the oldest fossils on the planet. ANI

Obesity in postmenopausal women increases risk for fractures (Re-issue)
A new study has shown that postmenopausal obese women are almost as likely to fracture as non-obese women, and that poor mobility and increased risk of falls may play an important role. ANI

Now, shower power used to run radio (Re-issue)
An inventor has managed to harness the force of a shower to power a micro-turbine, which drives a generator to create electricity to run a radio. ANI

French research shows humans repeat day's activity while asleep (Re-issue)
A French research has shown through new video evidence that humans are able to repeat learned patterns of behaviour even while asleep. ANI

Kids with epilepsy 'more likely to have psychiatric symptoms' (Re-issue)
A new study has revealed that children with epilepsy are more likely to have psychiatric symptoms, with gender a determining factor in their development. ANI

New injectable drug hailed as milestone in treating deadly skin cancer (Re-issue)
A breakthrough cancer drug has been given the go-ahead to treat late-stage melanoma. ANI

How a glove can change your perception of what's right or wrong
A new study from Max Planck Institute and University of Pennsylvania has found that right-handed people associate good with the right side of space and bad with the left but that this perception can be changed easily. ANI

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