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Technology News on March 25, 2011

Superconducting 'pseudogap' is a new phase of matter
A team of researchers has discovered the strongest evidence yet that a puzzling gap in the electronic structures of some high-temperature superconductors could indicate a new phase of matter. ANI

Protein that protects cancer cells from chemo, radiation therapy found
Researchers have identified a protein that enables the activation of a DNA-repair enzyme that protects cancer cells from catastrophic damage caused by chemo and radiation therapy. ANI

New finding to make morphine a safer, more effective drug
Morphine could soon become a safer and more effective drug - thanks to a discovery by researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine. ANI

Want to avoid falling on slippery surfaces? Don't shuffle
Moving quickly in a forward, firm-footed stance across a slippery surface is less likely to lead to a fall than if you move slowly, according to a new study. ANI

Non-invasive brain stimulation 'improves swallowing ability post stroke'
In a pilot study, researchers found that stroke patients who received electrical brain stimulation coupled with swallowing exercises showed greater improvement in swallowing ability than patients who did not receive this stimulation. ANI

Stem cell therapy for age-related macular degeneration may soon be a reality
It may soon be possible to treat or even cure age-related macular degeneration using stem cell therapy, thanks to a new research by Georgetown University Medical Center researchers. ANI

Earth becoming a windier place: Study
A new study has revealed that the world is getting breezier. ANI

Researchers help map Japan's tsunami and earthquake damage
Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, are currently processing satellite images of areas in Japan that were recently affected in a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. ANI

Trees cocooned with spider webs could cut malaria risk
Remember the floods that devastated Pakistan in 2010? Well, that has now resulted in a blessing for the people of Sindh. ANI

'Saber-toothed' vegetarian prowled Brazil 260 million years ago
A dog-sized, vegetarian animal that lived 260 million years ago in Brazil might have used its fierce-looking saber-teeth to ward off predators and in battles over territory, according to a new study. ANI

A battery-powered car that can speed up to 155mph, travel 186 miles!
Here's a battery-powered car that is capable of reaching a top speed of 155 mph and can go from 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds! ANI

Facebook testing instant ads feature based on user status updates
Facebook has confirmed it was testing a new programme that will instantly display ads based on users' status updates. ANI

Short DNA 'end-caps' linked to diabetes risk
Johns Hopkins scientists have found new evidence from studies in mice that short telomeres or 'caps' at the ends of chromosomes may predispose people to age-related diabetes. ANI

Fat storage in worms study offers clues in fight against obesity
Scientists exploring human metabolism have uncovered a handful of chemical compounds that regulate fat storage in worms. ANI

'Simulated' needles as effective as real acupuncture
A study from Karolinska Institutet and Linkoping University in Sweden has shown that simulated acupuncture - sometimes referred to as placebo - is just as beneficial as real acupuncture for treating nausea in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. ANI

Mosquito needle 'hurts far less than regular injection'
Scientists have developed a motorised, harpoon-like needle that hurts far less than a regular injection - because it resembles a mosquito's mouth parts. ANI

Gambling problems 'more common than drinking problems'
Researchers at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions have found that after age 21, problem gambling is considerably more common among adults than alcohol dependence, even though alcohol dependence has received much more attention. ANI

Earliest American residents came at least 15,500 years ago
New findings at a Central Texas archaeological site prove that people lived in the region far earlier - as much as 2,500 years earlier - than previously believed, rewriting what anthropologists know about when the first inhabitants arrived in North America. ANI

Now, a camera that has airbrush function to whiten teeth, add make-up!
Fixing people's faces in photos using the Photoshop magic is nothing new. ANI

Turmeric molecule 'can spot explosives'
Scientists in the US say that the main chemical in the curry spice turmeric could be the basis for cheap explosives detectors. ANI

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