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Technology News on March 23, 2011

Protein linked to allergic response causes airway changes in asthmatics
A study conducted by researchers at Duke University has found that changes that occur in the airways of asthma patients are in part caused by the naturally occurring protein interleukin-13 (IL-13) which stimulates invasion of airway cells called fibroblasts. ANI

'Stress test' to identify 'reefs of hope' in climate change era
Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have developed a new 'stress test' for coral reefs that, in turn, could identify and prioritise areas that are most likely to survive climate change factors. ANI

UK academics want to turn Wikipedia into official research tool
Students and academics at a world-leading London university have expressed their desire to turn Wikipedia into an official research tool. ANI

Simple measures could reduce diarrhea deaths in kids
Child diarrhea deaths could be almost halved if already available interventions such as breastfeeding, hand washing with soap, and improved household water treatment were widely implemented. ANI

Iron deficiency during early pregnancy harms child's brain
A new study has found that a mother's iron deficiency early in pregnancy may have a profound and long-lasting effect on the brain development of the child, even if the lack of iron is not enough to cause severe anemia. ANI

LinkedIn reaches 100 million members worldwide
Professional social network LinkedIn has claimed that it has reached 100 million members worldwide. ANI

New research could improve spinal cord injury treatment
A Canadian researcher says that the spinal cord processes information just like areas of the brain - a finding that could improve treatment of spinal cord injuries. ANI

Protein could be used to protect pancreas from alcohol's toxic effects
Researchers from Cardiff University have discovered that a protein provides protection against the effects of alcohol in the pancreas. ANI

More sensitive blood test could improve diagnosis of heart attacks
Scientists have suggested that a highly sensitive blood test could help identify heart attacks in thousands of patients who would otherwise have gone undiagnosed. ANI

Interest in toys predicts autism treatment's effectiveness in toddlers
A new study has found that toddlers with autism who played with a limited number of toys showed more improvement in their communication skills following parent-guided treatment than those receiving other community-based treatments. ANI

King Tut's beautiful grandmother 'had ugly wart on her forehead'
King Tut's grandmother was a legendary beauty but her complexion wasn't perfect, high-resolution images of her mummified face suggest. ANI

Google's plan to publish books online blocked by US court
A court in the US has blocked an agreement between Google and publishers that would have allowed the Internet search engine to publish books online. ANI

Sign language users read words and see signs at the same time
An international team of researchers has found that people fluent in sign language may simultaneously keep words and signs in their minds as they read. ANI

GM cloned piglets in China 'bring transplant hope for humans'
Chinese scientists hope the country's first group of genetically modified (GM) cloned piglets could help in the successful transplant of animal organs into humans. ANI

First complete sauropod embryo discovered
Palaeontologists have discovered the first complete sauropod embryo, still sheltered inside its egg some 110 million years after it was laid. ANI

Elderly victims of abuse more likely to use alcohol or drugs: Study
New research has found that victims of severe traumatic elder abuse are more likely to be female, suffer from a neurological or mental disorder, and to abuse drugs or alcohol. ANI

First man in space to get statue in London - 50 yrs after his UK visit
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who became the first person to travel in space, made his historic voyage on April 12, 1961. ANI

BCG World Atlas - a website that offers TB info from 180 countries
Tuberculosis is a major health threat worldwide. Every second, someone in the world is newly infected with TB bacteria. ANI

New discovery holds promise for liver cancer treatment
Researchers have discovered a novel mechanism in gene regulation that contributes to the development of a form of liver cancer called hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). ANI

India-EU deal may hit access to life saving drugs in developing countries
An expert has warned that a new trade agreement between India and Europe would block access to life saving drugs for billions of people living in developing countries. ANI

Exposure to organochloride pesticides alters semen quality: Study
A University of Granada study has shown that exposure to organochloride pesticides alters semen quality. ANI

Google tops 'most desirable employers' list
Google ranks number one on list of ideal employers, according to a survey released by consulting firm Universum. ANI

Genetic changes that may predispose women to pre-eclampsia found
A team of scientists have discovered genetic defects that appear to predispose women to a common pregnancy-related medical problem called preeclampsia that can threaten the life of both baby and mother. ANI

Itching, like yawning, can be contagious
A team of researchers has found that sometimes itching, like yawning, can be contagious. ANI

Men are not from Mars, nor are women from Venus: Study
The battle of the sexes could be a myth after all. ANI

50-mn-yr-old reptile skin holds building blocks of life
The organic compounds still present in the sample of a 50-million-year-old reptile from Utah, U.S., have been mapped for the first time - thanks to the efforts by a team of UK scientists. ANI

NASA's Orion 'moon' craft that could put man on asteroid unveiled
US aerospace firm Lockheed Martin on Tuesday unveiled a test version of a NASA shuttle that will allow astronauts to fly to and from the International Space station. ANI

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