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Technology News on March 21, 2011

More men in US undergoing plastic surgery to 'look good'
A new statistics have revealed more men are going under the knife to look good. ANI

Traffic accidents may hasten chronic widespread pain: Study
A new research has indicated that individuals with poorer health or psychological issues may be prone to developing chronic widespread pain following a traumatic event. ANI

Mechanical insects to take flight on 3D printed wings!
Mechanical insects can soon take flight on 3D printed wings. ANI

New 3-D nanostructure makes batteries charge quickly and retain capacity
Aside from quick-charge consumer electronics, batteries that can store a lot of energy, release it fast and recharge quickly are desirable for electric vehicles, medical devices, lasers and military applications. ANI

Synchrotron-based imaging technique for ultra-clear pictures of tissues
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have discovered a new synchrotron-based imaging technique - with a million times brighter intensity than sunlight - that offers high-resolution pictures of the molecular composition of tissues with unprecedented speed and quality. ANI

American pet cats are No. 1 enemy of birds: Study
A new study has found that pet cats were the No. 1 enemy of birds. ANI

Scientists claim Large Hadron Collider could unlock secret of time travel
Scientists have claimed that the key to unlocking the secret of time travel could lie in the 17-mile-long Large Hadron Collider (LHC) based underground near Geneva. ANI

New technology enables creation of bicycle just by printing it on computer
A groundbreaking technology has enabled the world's first fully working bicycle to be created simply by printing it out on a computer. ANI

Brain molecules linked to long-term memories discovered
Wondering how you remember the colour of your loved one's eyes for years? ANI

Organic nanoparticle that uses sound, heat to treat tumors created
An organic nanoparticle that is completely non-toxic, biodegradable and nimble in the way it uses light and heat to treat cancer and deliver drugs, has been created by the a team of scientists from Princess Margaret Hospital. ANI

How protein folding could cure Alzheimer, Parkinson diseases
It is believed that when vital proteins are misfolded in your body, neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson, and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease occur. ANI

Blood test may predict diabetes risk 10 yrs before first symptoms
Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have suggested that measuring the levels of small molecules in the blood could predict diabetes risk as much as a decade before first symptoms appear. ANI

Rise in number of couples using the Internet to give details of marriage
The Internet has become such a powerful tool for communication that now more and more couples are using it to not only send out invites to their weddings but to also give out other details. ANI

Delivering drugs directly to brain may help Alzheimer's sufferers
Scientists from the University of Oxford have developed a new way to deliver drugs directly to the brain, raising hopes that more effective treatments could be used to help Alzheimer's disease sufferers. ANI

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