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Technology News on March 11, 2011

Pollution forms an invisible barrier for marine life
Rapidly growing human populations near the ocean are massively altering coastal water ecosystems, according to a new study. ANI

Molecules act as 'shift workers' to protect liver from accumulating fat
Researchers have known for decades that fat production by the liver runs on a 24-hour cycle, the circadian rhythm, and is similar to the sleep-wake cycle. ANI

Regrowth of key brain cells linked to benefits of exercise, sexual behaviors
Hong Kong researchers have reviewed the causes and impacts of neurogenesis. ANI

Molecule that can increase blood flow in vascular disease identified
Scientists have identified a molecule that can increase blood flow in vascular disease. ANI

Engineered protein has potential for new anti- inflammatory treatment
Scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center have created a new protein molecule derived from the growth factor progranulin, which may provide the basis for new therapies in inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. ANI

New treatment strategy effective for certain lung cancers
Two chemotherapy drugs now indicated for second and third-line therapy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer are remarkably effective in treating a certain subset of these patients, according to a new study. ANI

Early friendship with males ups chances of substance abuse in teen girls
A new study has found that girls who tend to initiate the transition to a mixed-gender friendship network earlier in life are more likely to develop substance abuse problems during late adolescence. ANI

Study examines what makes a video game popular
Researchers at the University of Granada have tried to establish the characteristics that a video game must have to be entertaining. ANI

Scientists discover active black hole in the 'Eye of Sauron'
An image has revealed the central region of the spiral galaxy NGC 4151, dubbed the "Eye of Sauron" by astronomers for its similarity to the eye of the malevolent character in 'The Lord of the Rings.' ANI

French club president suspended over bid to buy Messi
The president of a French village side has been suspended for six months over a bid to sign Bracelona's ace playmaker Lionel Messi. ANI

Females become addicted to cocaine more easily
Females become addicted to cocaine more easily than males and find it harder to give up, according to a new study on rats. ANI

Mobile battery life could last months thanks to nanotechnology
Have you ever dreamt of owning mobile devices that run for months rather than days without charging? Well, your wish may soon be granted - thanks to nanotechnology. ANI

Gene behind rare skin cancer that heals itself discovered
Scientists have for the first time identified the gene behind a rare skin cancer, which grows rapidly for a few weeks before healing spontaneously. ANI

Organ removal through body orifices 'minimally invasive approach to surgery'
Northwestern Medicine physicians were among the first in the U.S. to perform organ removal surgeries through the mouth or va**ina - the procedure is being considered the most minimally invasive approach to surgery. ANI

Model to show how toe strength determines body balance while leaning
A new model developed by researchers at the Ohio State University will be able to tell us how toe strength can determine how far people can lean while keeping their balance. ANI

Study finds temperature-sensing role in eyes' light-sensing receptor
Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered that a light-sensing receptor that's packed inside the eye's photoreceptor cells is also critical for sensing temperature. ANI

Gulf spill air pollution could shed light on urban air quality
NOAA researchers discovered an important new mechanism by which air pollution particles form, which could change the way urban air quality is understood and predicted. ANI

Erectile dysfunction drug helps young people with congenital heart disease
A drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension, has another possible use-helping children and young adults with congenital heart disease to better tolerate exercise, scientists have found. ANI

Bone marrow stem cells may provide treatment for brain injuries
Scientists have safely used stem cells derived from a patient's own bone marrow in pediatric patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). ANI

Microsoft Kinect becomes fastest-selling electronic device of all time
Microsoft's Kinect has thrashed iPhone and iPad to become the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time. ANI

Weed-eating fish 'vital to coral reefs' survival'
A new study has found that a weed-eating fish could be the key to saving the world's coral reefs. ANI

New dawn for space tourism as NASA unveils plans for œ6bn 'spaceplane'
NASA scientists unveiled images for what they have termed a reusable 'spaceplane' - they hope it will elevate space tourism to new heights. ANI

Study attributes human uniqueness to hunter-gatherer societies
A new study by an international team of noted anthropologists, including several from Arizona State University, has linked human uniqueness to hunter-gatherer societies. ANI

New switching device to help build an ultrafast quantum Internet
A device created by researchers at Northwestern University is a practical step toward creating a network that takes advantage of the mysterious and powerful world of quantum mechanics. ANI

Now, a credit card that 'talks' to you!
One would think the credit card would be hard to improve upon, but how about a card that talks to you? ANI

Run on the treadmill to get rid of those pot cravings, says study
A new study has indicated heavy users of marijuana show a significant decrease in their cravings and daily use after just a few sessions of running on the treadmill. ANI

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