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Technology News on March 1, 2011

Nano tool inspired by silk moth antenna could aid Alzheimer's research
The silk moth's antenna has inspired researchers from the University of Michigan to develop a better nanotechnology tool that could help understand a class of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's. ANI

The mere sight, smell of food hikes dopamine levels in binge eaters
A new brain imaging study has revealed that just the mere sight or smell of food elevates dopamine - a brain chemical linked to reward and motivation - levels in binge eaters. ANI

Lifestyle intervention helps women cut pregnancy flab
A lifestyle intervention can help women control their weight gain during and after pregnancy, according to a new study. ANI

Customized health messages help quit smoking in 4 months, says study
A new study has found that tailored health messages to those who smoke were more likely to kick the butt in four months. ANI

E-books on the rise with sales of digital books growing 18-fold in 2010
The sale of e-books is on the rise, with Bloomsbury, the publisher of the Harry Potter books, saying its digital book sales grew 18-fold in 2010. ANI

French team unearths Maurya dynasty wall in Bangladesh
A French excavation team dug out a wall belonging to the Maurya dynasty at Mahasthangarh archaeological site in Bogra recently. ANI

Protein pathway find may help solve Parkinson's disease
Iowa State University researchers have discovered a protein pathway that may hold the secret to understand Parkinson's disease. ANI

Most lottery winners choose to save money than squander it
A new thesis shows that in most cases, lottery winners prefer to save up the money won than squandering it for short-term comforts. ANI

Team achieves record 1 trillion bits per second speed on single chip
A development team at at Infinera Corp. in Sunnyvale, Calif. Has achieved a record one trillion bits per second (1 Terabit/s) speed on a single integrated indium phosphide chip. ANI

In the blind, brain parts used for vision can help understand languages
A new study claims that in blind people, the parts of brain that are used for processing vision, are recruited for language processing. ANI

Anti-tumor drug that also fights flu virus
Scientists have found that a drug, called DMXAA, originally developed as anti-tumor agent, also enhances the ability of flu vaccines to ward off this deadly virus. ANI

Mums, not dads, pass on Alzheimer's risk: Study
A new study has suggested that a person is more likely to inherit Alzheimer's disease from his/her mother than his/her father. ANI

Soon, nasal spray vaccine to fight Alzheimer's, stroke
Tel Aviv University researchers are working on a nasally delivered vaccine that promises to protect against Alzheimer's as well as stroke. ANI

Make important life decisions when you really have to pee
What should you do when you really have to pee? Take important life decisions, perhaps, suggests a new study. ANI

Copying strategies best for your genes: Study
A new study has suggested that blindly copying what your parents did - no matter how stupid it may seem - could be the best strategy for the long-term success of your genes. ANI

40-million-year-old mating mites reveal sex role reversal
New research from the University of Michigan and the Russian Academy of Sciences describes an extinct mite species in which the traditional sex roles were reversed. ANI

Oz firms develop first beer that can be consumed in space
Two companies in Australia have developed a beer that can be safely consumed in space. ANI

Gut bacteria can control functions of organs: Study
A new research has found that bacteria in the human gut may not just be helping digest food but also could be exerting some level of control over the metabolic functions of other organs, like the liver. ANI

No kids 'the secret to marital bliss'
Want your marriage to work? Then don't have kids, according to a major UK study. ANI

Old bones being used in development of new treatments for modern back pain
Scientists are using the bones of people who died up to a hundred years ago for the development of new treatments for chronic back pain. ANI

Meteorites 'may have sparked life on Earth'
A meteorite discovered in Antarctica could strengthen the argument that life on Earth might have been kick-started from space, claim scientists. ANI

Water demand will exceed supply by 40pc within 20 yrs, warn scientists
Scientists have warned that water demand in many countries will outstrip supply by 40 per cent within 20 years due to the combined threat of climate change and population growth. ANI

Human stem cells from fat tissue successfully fuse with rat heart cells and beat
Scientists have successfully fused human stem cells derived from subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue with muscle cells from rat hearts. ANI

Acupressure effective in helping to treat traumatic brain injury
A new study has shown that an ancient form of complementary medicine may be effective in helping to treat people with mild traumatic brain injury. ANI

Dogs were seen as thinking, social beings 7000 years ago
Experts have found 7000-year-old remains of a Husky-like dog in Siberia that suggest that people saw it as a thinking, social being. ANI

'Hopping' bot to explore Moon valleys, hilltops by firing rocket nozzles
Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Charles Stark Draper laboratory in Cambridge, Mass., are developing a new robot rover that would move on the Moon by firing downward and sideways-facing rocket nozzles. ANI

Google accidentally wipes accounts of 150,000 Gmail users
Search giant Google has confirmed that about 150,000 Gmail users around the world have had their accounts, including every email, application, contact and calendar information, deleted. ANI

Genes associated with binge drinking identified
Scientists have identified two genes associated with binge drinking that may open doors to new, more effective treatments for excessive alcohol drinking. ANI

Facebook really can lead to divorce
Facebook and other social networking sites can help you meet that special someone if you're single. But improper use of social media can turn even the healthiest of marriages into disasters. ANI

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