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Technology News on June 8, 2011

Bacteria living on old growth trees sustain forest growth
A study has revealed that bacteria living on large, ancient trees are very important in helping forests grow, as they accumulate more moss which is useful for providing nitrogen. ANI

World's first 3D, interactive 360-degree film set to revolutionize cinema
The world's first interactive 3D, 360 degree cinema is set to take viewers on a journey unlike any they'd get at the regular movies. ANI

Now, an app to stop cyber bullying over phone!
A new application is being launched that will stop cyber bullying among children through their mobile phones. ANI

Barbeque hotplates-inspired discovery may make ships move faster
Sizzling barbeque hotplates have inspired scientists to discover a new way to reduce drag of fast moving projectiles in water. ANI

Mammary gland development of blueberry-fed lab animals aid breast cancer research
A study has found that mammary gland development in laboratory rats fed blueberries or other foods of interest may aid breast cancer research. ANI

Ford gearing up to launch smallest car engine ever
American multinational automaker Ford Motor Company is set to launch its smallest capacity engine, and it has less cylinders than any engine they've ever produced. ANI

New drug shows promise in stopping prostate cancer spread to bone
A new drug designed to target mainly two important pathways linked to the growth and spread of prostate cancer is showing promise to kill tumors that have spread to the bone, a new study has shown. ANI

Scientists fear over-use of antibiotics in medicine, farming led to deadly E. coli
Scientists have expressed fear that the over-prescription of antibiotics to humans and the massive and unregulated overuse of these drugs on livestock by farmers has led to the deadly E. coli outbreak. ANI

NASA observes 'surfer' waves just the size of US on Sun's atmosphere
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has observed 'surfer' waves just the size of the United States rolling through the atmosphere of the Sun. ANI

Soon! Hi-tech screening system to 'smell' air passengers for explosives
A simulation of a hi-tech screening system that 'smells' air passengers for traces of explosives has been unveiled in Singapore. ANI

Universal flu vaccine on the horizon?
Seems like a universal flu vaccine is on the horizon, with researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, successfully testing a vaccine that could work against all known strains of the illness. ANI

Age does not cause testosterone levels to drop in healthy older men
A study by Australian scientists has found that age does not play a role in the dropping of testosterone levels in healthy older men. ANI

Local ants wield poison to kill invading Argentine ants
Argentine ants are showing up all over the world-conquering the entire coastline around the Mediterranean Sea, parts of South Africa, Hawaii, Japan and Australia, as well as the full length of the California coastline-and no native ant species has been known to withstand their onslaught until now. ANI

Obesity 'increases risk of liver cirrhosis in middle-aged men'
Obesity carries a greatly increased risk of cirrhosis of the liver in middle-aged men, a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy has revealed. ANI

New discovery suggests Homo erectus originated from Asia
New evidence has emerged that shows human ancestor Homo erectus may have evolved in Asia and then gone to Africa, not vice versa as many scientists have assumed. ANI

Soon, mini spy satellites to track terrorists from space!
The U.S. military will soon be using mini-satellites called CubeSats, which can be quickly and inexpensively built and operated, to keep tabs on terrorists and other suspects. ANI

Urban pavements pollute air by interfering with 'dirt clearing' breezes
A new study has suggested that widespread urban development alters weather patterns in a way that can make it easier for pollutants to accumulate during warm summer weather instead of being blown out to sea. ANI

Unusual solar flare from Sun to hit Earth in next 24 hrs
NASA has said that the Sun has unleashed a medium-sized solar flare on Tuesday, which will hit Earth in the next 24 hours. ANI

Objects associated with rewards are hard to ignore, finds study
A study has found that even when things that signify a "reward" are actually not important at all, they are still powerful enough to capture people's attention. ANI

Higher phosphate intake ups heart disease risk
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have suggested that lowering your intake of phosphate could reduce the risk of heart disease. ANI

Heart problems may hit 'type 2 diabetic' adolescents in their teens
A new study has found that people having type 2 diabetes are at a risk of developing heart problems as early as in their adolescence. ANI

Bacteria 'drunk on coffee' could pave way for universal disease cures!
Scientists at University of Iowa have identified four different bacteria that can survive by consuming caffeine, one of them being Pseudomonas putida CBB5. ANI

Self-assembling nano vehicles set to revolutionize drug delivery
A newly nano-sized device developed by a team of researchers including one of Indian-origin, is revolutionizing medicine by improving drug solubility and bio-distribution, and becoming likely to play an increasing role in the design of next generation nanoscale carriers of drug and imaging agents. ANI

Prenatal BPA exposure affects uterus development
Previous studies have linked bisphenol A (BPA) exposure to a staggering number of health problems. Now, a new research has found that it also causes changes in uterus development in female primates. ANI

World's tropical forests 'better managed' now than 5 yrs ago
An international survey has found that tropical forests of the world are better managed now than five years ago. ANI

Now, magnets to reduce blood thickness, prevent heart attacks
Temple University researcher has discovered that human blood can be made thin by subjecting it to a magnetic field, thereby reducing the risk of damaging blood vessels and heart attacks. ANI

Dolphins use 2 sound beams simultaneously for hunting and orientation
Scientists from Sweden and the US have discovered that dolphins can produce two sound beams simultaneously, echoes from which help them in hunting and orientation. ANI

Combined contraceptive pill 'does not lead to weight gain'
Contrary to popular misconceptions, the combined pill - the most widely used contraceptive up to the age of 29 - does not cause weight increase, shows a new research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. ANI

Eating at wrong time of the day/night makes fruit flies less fertile!
Those keen to lose weight are often asked to eat food at the right time. ANI

Pregnancy-related malaria parasite's biochemical weakness identified
Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered the biochemical weakness of the lethal malaria parasite - that kills 10,000 pregnant women and up to 200,000 newborn babies every year - and are in the quest to develop its vaccine target and take it through the first trials to test its safety. ANI

Now, genetically modified cows that produce 'human' breast milk!
Chinese scientists have reportedly developed genetically modified cows that produce 'human' milk. ANI

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