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Technology News on June 6, 2011

Evaporation from land only modifies rainfall frequency
A team of researchers has found that evaporation from the land only modifies the frequency of summertime rainfall, and not its quantity. ANI

Anti-melanoma drugs may cause cancer relapse
A recent study has revealed that anti-melanoma drugs may induce a senescence-associated secretory profile ('secretome') that can promote metastasis and contribute to melanoma relapse. ANI

Britain's 'Amazing Grace' - the 4-yr-old girl who feels no pain!
When a quirk of nature led to their four-year-old daughter being born with a unique medical condition, a Birmingham couple had to become "the most careful parents in the world". ANI

Vietnamese teen kills 7-yr-old girl to quench video game thirst
A Vietnamese teenager has allegedly killed a seven-year-old girl for her earrings to feed his video game habit, raising concerns regarding the dangers of online game addiction. ANI

Carbon 'being released into atmosphere 10 times faster than in past'
An international team of geologists has indicated that the rate of release of carbon into the atmosphere today is nearly 10 times as fast as during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), 55.9 million years ago, the best analog we can have for current global warming. ANI

Scientists make rapid progress towards 'bottling' antimatter
Scientists have revealed that they are getting closer to "bottling" antimatter. ANI

Autism may have played important role in human's hunter-gatherer past
A study has found that people with autism may have been capable hunter-gatherers in prehistoric times. ANI

New targeted therapy for prostate cancer can kill resistant tumor cells
Advanced, hormone-resistant prostate cancer can now be killed with the help of a new-targeted therapy that has proved to halt tumor growth in animals. ANI

Stem cells with bone-regenerating hormone help mend bone fractures
An animal study has shown that transplantation of adult stem cells, enriched with a bone-regenerating hormone, can help mend bone fractures that are not healing properly. ANI

It's a question of mind over matter when it comes to hunger
Not feeling satisfied with the low-calorie, healthy snack you just had? ANI

Brown fat that burns calories can be used for treating obesity
A study has suggested that brown fat, which is the "good" fat that burns calories, can be used for treating obesity and diabetes. ANI

More kids 'going online even before they can walk'
Such is the rise in the use of digital media that even kids aged three are going online everyday, a shocking study has revealed. ANI

New iPhone add-on Lark can help one get more sleep
A new iPhone add-on that has been developed can wake its owner up silently, monitor sleep behaviour, and even help get more shut-eye. ANI

Scientists spot human immunity switch using super resolution microscopy
Scientists have for the first time identified the molecular mechanism that alert our immune system to go on the defensive against germs and other invaders in our bloodstream - a breakthrough that could lead to treatments for a range of conditions from auto-immune diseases to cancer. ANI

Nascent animals' exposure to light refines their circuitry for vision
Neuroscientists had thought that mammals were unable to see when they are infants, but a new type of light-sensitive cell discovered a decade ago turns out to let in the light. ANI

Self-weighing weekly helps curb excess weight gain during pregnancy
Pregnant women who weigh themselves every week can control excessive weight gain during pregnancy, according to a new study. ANI

Pomegranate juice cuts office stress, boosts positive vibes for job
A study has found that pomegranate juice, which lowers heart rates, can help beat office stress, and also make one feel more positive towards one's work. ANI

Wandering infant Jupiter robbed Mars of size and mass
As Earth and Mars were probably formed about the same time, scientists have long sought to explain why the latter is only about half the size and one-tenth the mass of the former. ANI

Indian-origin scientist discovers peptide that can block chronic pain
A new study, led by an Indian-origin scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine, has reported the discovery of a peptide that short circuits a pathway for chronic pain. ANI

Excessive usage of mobile, laptop, computer leads to a hunchback
Doctors have warned that excessive use of mobiles for texting, e-mailing, choosing a song on the iPod could lead to a hunchback, as it requires constantly looking down. ANI

Common asthma drug may help fight obesity
Researchers at Melbourne's Garvan Institute of Medical Research have found that a common asthma drug has the potential for addressing obesity epidemic. ANI

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