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Technology News on June 4, 2011

Drug combo therapy to effectively fight against blood cancer on the anvil
A novel drug combination to treat patients with relapsed or refractory blood cancers could be on the anvil, with scientists at VCU Massey Cancer Center having tested the safety and effectiveness of the new therapy in their successful Phase I clinical trial. ANI

Immune cells killed by chronic HIV could be reactivated, shows study
Scientists have revealed that certain immune cells that has been shut down after being chronically exposed to HIV, could be reactivated. ANI

Scientists identify potential antidote to vascular disease
A new study has shed light on why the normally transient inflammatory response is not turned off and becomes chronic, secreting a signal molecule that promotes atherosclerosis. ANI

Letters from home help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers
A study has found that happily married, active-duty male soldiers who frequently communicate with their loved ones through letters and emails are protected from the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms after returning home. ANI

Now, a robot that juggles 5 balls at a time!
After making many jobs redundant for human beings, computers and robots are now ready to play the role of a humble juggler. ANI

Targeted drug-combo shows promise in treating metastatic melanoma
Combining two drugs that target a prime survival strategy of tumors, can be safely administered and are potentially more effective than either drug alone for advanced and inoperable melanomas, according to a new research. ANI

Remains of second century ship show Romans carried live fish in tanks
An ancient hydraulic system designed to suck seawater into a tank was found on an ancient wreck, leading to the belief that Romans traded live fish across the Mediterranean. ANI

Targeted drug therapy found highly effective in lung cancer treatment
A study has revealed that a drug, crizotinib that targets a specific type of lung cancer has shown positive response in more than half of the people who took it. ANI

Seismic signals can improve detection of tsunami, earthquake
Understanding of seismic background signals resulting from water movements could lead to improved earthquake and tsunami detection in the Caribbean region where 100 tsunamis have been reported in the past 500 years, suggests a new research. ANI

New alarm clock concept shreds your cash if you fail to wake up!
We've seen some crazy, creative alarm clocks over the years. Some are soothing and holistic, and others give you a really good reason to avoid the snooze button out of pure annoyance. ANI

New SpermComet kit offers millions of childless couples hope for family
UK fertility experts have developed a simple test that could help millions of childless couples achieve their dream of having a family. ANI

Soon, a smartphone app to track concussion symptoms
A new smartphone application is being developed that will spot if anyone has suffered head-trauma, and if confirmed, it will automatically send an e-mail to the patient's doctor. ANI

New strain of MRSA found in dairy cow milk also present in humans
A team of scientists has identified a new strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the milk of dairy cows, which is found in humans as well. ANI

Muffins may help in reducing milk allergies in children
A study has found that when milk is cooked or baked into muffins there is a reduction in the allergic reaction children have to milk. ANI

Truck sized asteroid passes close to Earth
An asteroid, the size of a truck, passed very close to Earth on June 2, and though it posed no threat, it came closer to us than the moon had ever done. ANI

'Mass extinction' victim snail rediscovered in Alabama
A major mass extinction of 47 species of mollusks took place in North America in the first half of the 20th century after the watershed in which they lived was dammed. ANI

Genetic mutation behind 'Werewolf-face' excessive hair growth discovered
An Indian-origin researcher and her team have discovered a chromosomal mutation responsible for a very rare condition in which people grow excess hair all over their bodies. ANI

Cancer survivors suffer pain, fatigue and insomnia, even 5yrs post-therapy
A new Northwestern Medicine study has found that many cancer survivors suffer moderate to severe problems with pain, fatigue, sleep, memory and concentration even three to five years after treatment has ended. ANI

Study shows moral responses change as people age
A new study has found that moral responses change as people age. ANI

Self esteem, autonomy, empathy linked to increased sexual enjoyment
A new study has linked self-esteem, autonomy, and empathy to increased sexual enjoyment among young men and women. ANI

Shobhna Gulati quits Twitter following racial slurs
A bombardment of racial abuses has compelled 'Coronation Street' actress Shobna Gulati to quit Twitter. ANI

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