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Technology News on June 28, 2011

How 'new breast cancer tumour suppressor' works
A recent study has identified a new breast cancer tumour suppressor protein that regulates the gene expression. ANI

Vaccines for plague, bacterial pneumonias 'closer to reality'
Researchers have identified a single component of the plague causing bacterium that can be used as a vaccine. ANI

First 3D herpes infection model promises new treatment for cold sores
A 3D herpes infection model has been developed - raising hope for development of effective treatments of the viral infection. ANI

Coming soon: a 'needle-free' edible vaccine!
Australian scientists are one step closer towards developing a revolutionary vaccine, which could be swallowed with food rather than being injected. ANI

Monkeys' SIV-survival secrets may harbour human AIDS cure
Scientists have finally identified the secret that helps Sooty mangabeys, a type of African monkey, survive infection by SIV, a relative of HIV, and not succumb to AIDS. ANI

Mammals and fish 'use tongues differently while chewing'
A new study has shown that fish and mammals chew their food differently. While fish use tongue muscles to thrust food backward, mammals use them to position food for grinding. ANI

Here's how pre-historic man enjoyed his barbecue!
A new study has unearthed the remains of a butchered and cooked female auroch (a prehistoric cow), and the grilling techniques used nearly 8,000 years ago. ANI

High-intensity ultrasound is new method for body sculpting
A new "body sculpting" technique has emerged that uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound to eliminate unwanted abdominal fat and reduce waist circumference, with only minor pain and side effects. ANI

New clues to how cancer spreads discovered
Scientists at the Duke Cancer Institute have found how cancer cells that circulate in the blood move to other locations in the body. ANI

How binge drinking can cause serious brain damage in young adults
A study has shown how binge drinking among adolescents and young adults can cause serious damage to a brain that is still under development. ANI

Novel therapeutic gene can help combat brain tumors
Scientists have developed novel tools and methods for delivering therapeutic genes to cells in the central nervous system that hold great promise for the development of new treatments to treat brain tumors and other neurological disorders. ANI

Bacterium that acts as 'living antibiotic' against major human pathogens
Scientists have found that a predatory bacterium significantly reduces the number of salmonella bacteria in the guts of live chickens, suggesting that the bacterium has potential to be used as a "living antibiotic." ANI

Why elderly dementia patients experience 'Sundowning'
'Sundowning' is a coming-of-age story, which is characterized by high levels of anxiety, agitation, general activity and delirium among older adults, especially those with dementia, in late afternoon and evening, before they would normally go to bed. ANI

Childhood cancer survivors at high risk of developing tumours as adults
In the largest study yet, it was found that childhood cancer survivors are at a high risk of developing new tumours as they age. ANI

How 'tooth cavity-causing bacteria' can be fatal for your heart
A new study has discovered the protein that allows cavity-causing microbes present in the mouth to invade the heart tissue, causing the sometimes-lethal infection endocarditis. ANI

Earth experiences closest shave with 'asteroid 2011 MD'
The Earth had a close shave with asteroid 2011 MD, the size of a tour bus, which zipped within 7,500 miles from the planet on June 27. ANI

'Humans may encounter aliens within next 20 years'
Russian scientists have predicted that human beings will encounter alien civilisations within the next two decades. ANI

Humans 'emit 135 times more CO2 than all volcanoes do annually'
A popular belief doing the rounds is that volcanoes emit more carbon dioxide than those generated by humans. ut a new study has revealed the opposite - in under three days, humans spew the same amount volcanoes release in a year. ANI

Over-50s fuelling growth of social network accounts
A new study has found that users aged over 50 in the UK have contributed the most to the growth of Facebook and Twitter accounts. ANI

Fossilized pollen tells tale of Antarctic Peninsula's 'frozen' past
Fossilized pollen found below a hundred feet of dense rock off the coast of Northern Antarctica, has helped researchers reconstruct a climate record for the southern continent. ANI

Personalizing therapy for women with TNBC comes closer to reality
Researchers have identified six subtypes of an aggressive and difficult-to-treat form of breast cancer and identified chemotherapies to which the different subtypes respond in cultured cells and animal tumor models. ANI

Malaria mosquitoes could be controlled through their 'circadian' rhythms
Mosquitoes, like all animals, show daily rhythms in behavior and physiology. ANI

BPA-exposed male deer mice become demasculinized, undesirable to females
A study has found that male deer mice exposed to the controversial chemical BPA become demasculinized and behave more like females in their spatial navigational abilities. ANI

Brain-practice paves way for long-lasting memories
A new study has suggested that training the brain could make a person's memory long-lasting. ANI

Lab-grown skin cell blood vessels successfully implanted in patients
In the first ever surgery of its kind, human blood vessels grown in a laboratory from donor skin cells have been successfully implanted into patients. ANI

Master switch responsible for adult epilepsy identified
A study has identified a central switch that is responsible for the transformation of healthy brain cells into epileptic ones, opening the way to both treat and prevent temporal lobe epilepsy. ANI

City dwellers produce as much carbon as countryside people
Contrary to popular belief that people living in the city produce lesser carbon than those living in the countryside, a study has revealed that both produce almost the same amount. ANI

New stem cells that repair mucus glands in lung airways discovered
A recent study has discovered a new stem cell that plays a part in the repair mechanism of the large airways of the lungs. ANI

Volkswagen unveils 'Temporary Auto Pilot' technology for cars
Volkswagen has unveiled a Temporary Auto Pilot technology that allows a car to drive semi-automatically at speeds of up to 80 mph on highways. ANI

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