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Technology News on June 27, 2011

New drug containing nitric oxide boosts snakebite survival time
A new study has shown that a class of compounds called nitric oxide donors delays the entry of toxins from potentially deadly snakebites. ANI

Researchers turn to virtual reality to tackle obesity
Researchers at the University of Houston are using an innovative approach to studying food addictions in hopes of finding strategies to assess and treat them. ANI

Pill shows promise to control patient's pain post-oral surgery
A new drug is showing promise to relieve pain and promote a rapid recovery following oral surgery. ANI

Kids as young as 8 invited to hackers conference in Las Vegas
Children between eight and 16 years of age have been invited to learn the skills of computer hackers, and how to protect themselves against cyber attacks, at a hackers' conference in Las Vegas. ANI

Scientists 'fix hemophilia in mice through genetic editing'
Researchers using a new technique for editing the genome of living cells have shown that they can cure hemophilia in mice, a breakthrough which could help in new treatments for some hereditary diseases in humans. ANI

Generic drug BCG 'reverses type 1 diabetes in a phase 1 human trial'
A research has shown promising results to treat advanced type I diabetes. ANI

Exchanging personal information more fun with 'QR code wristbands'!
Networking and exchanging email and phone numbers with one another will soon become easier and quicker through the invention of QR code wristbands. ANI

Pregnant mums with multiple sclerosis do not risk offspring
A Canadian study has concluded that having multiple sclerosis during pregnancy does not have a negative impact on birth outcomes. ANI

Soon, 'test-tube' hamburger a.k.a lab grown meat to feed the world
Researchers say that in the face of an ever-increasing population and insufficiency of livestock to feed everyone, the world's first 'test-tube' hamburger marks the first stage in a food revolution that might be able to solve the problem. ANI

Why birds flap-run instead of flying
US researchers have found why birds would flap-run when they were capable of flying. ANI

Soon, a 'wonder drug' that could be effective against all other cancers
British scientists have said that a breast cancer 'wonder' drug could be turned into a universal weapon against all tumours. ANI

Like humans, Bengal finches too communicate using grammar!
A new study has shown that birds too have their own set of grammatical rules, a feature previously thought to be specific to humans only. ANI

Emperor penguin Happy Feet recovering from surgery
Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin, that was found on a New Zealand beach last week has undergone a successful surgery and is recovering from it. ANI

Mid-Day scribe murder accused sent to police custody till July 4
A Mumbai Court on Monday remanded the seven people arrested in connection with the killing of senior crime reporter Jyotirmoy Dey to police custody till July 4. ANI

Now, a new iPhone app to 'tell you whether you're beautiful or not'!
Want to know if you are beautiful or not? Don't worry, as a new iPhone app will give you this answer. ANI

Ocean currents speed melting of Antarctica's Pine Glacier by 50pc
West Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier is melting 50 percent faster than it was in the early 1990s, as stronger ocean currents are chiseling away at ice from below. ANI

Did tech-savvy aliens appear above BBC building to grab coverage!
A video that was shot from below the BBC building in London showing 'white dots' whizzing across the sky, assumed to be UFOs, has created much excitement all over the UK. ANI

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