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Technology News on June 26, 2011

Now, a solar plant that gives power even at night!
A new power plant developed by Torresol Energy in Spain has claimed to offer a reliable 24-hour solution to solar energy. ANI

Hominoids migrated from Africa to Eurasia 17m yrs ago before humans
A new study on fossil tooth has revealed that hominoids migrated from Africa to Eurasia many times long before modern humans left the region some 125 thousand years ago. ANI

Kids-centric social networking site 'Everloop' safe from predators
Amid a plethora of social networking sites that cater to only teenagers and adults, there are also a handful of children sites which are well protected from predators. ANI

'Minority Report'-style billboards that identify customers closer to reality
In the movie 'Minority Report', set in the year 2054, a billboard advertising Guinness identifies Tom Cruise's character, John Anderton, through a retinal scanner. ANI

How dogs discriminate human smiling faces from blank expressions
A new Japanese study has indicated that dogs can recognize smiling faces, which researchers say may have helped them to live with humans. ANI

Now, ultrasound shockwave therapy to heal fractures that won't join up
Painful surgery for those suffering from stubborn bone fractures that won't join up could soon become a thing of the past. ANI

Charging laptops by simply typing to be a reality in 3 yrs
An Australian University team, led by an Indian-origin researcher, are claiming that in three years, people will be able to charge their laptops just by typing. ANI

Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. launches new Textile and Apparel Industries
Delhi-based Indian company Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Launched its new Textile and Apparel ERP called TexAms. Jingle has been developmnet since the beginning of 2008 and in trial use for 2009. ANI

New tracer could cut number of false melanoma readings
The glucose tracer used in imaging technique PET, or positron emission tomography, for detecting if melanoma has spread to internal organs, where the cancer often becomes fatal - gives a false reading 10 percent of the time. ANI

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