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Technology News on June 25, 2011

Mayfly stuck in oozing tree sap helps shed light on past ecology
A mayfly that got stuck in some oozing tree sap and died has helped scientists shed further light on the ecology of the distant past. ANI

NASA's SOFIA observes Pluto casting shadow over the Pacific Ocean
NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) observed the dwarf planet Pluto as it passed in front of a distant star. ANI

New natural mechanism may control incurable Huntington's disease
Researchers have identified a natural mechanism that might help in stopping or preventing the development of Huntington's disease. ANI

4 new genetic risk factors of lupus found in African-American women
Scientists have found four new genetic variants in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) that confer a higher risk of systemic lupus erythemathosus (lupus) in African- American women. ANI

Neutrino mystery may help explain evolution of the universe
Ten days ago Japanese scientists announced an indication of a rare phenomenon, the transformation of muon neutrinos into electron neutrinos. ANI

New anti-inflammatory drug improves kidney function in type 2 diabetes patients
Scientists have found that a new anti-inflammatory drug used by patients with type 2 diabetes improved their kidney function. ANI

Mobile phone signals hit bees' buzzing as well!
A new research has found that bees buzz differently near mobile phone signals - causing behaviour that can endanger colonies. ANI

Genes controlled with blue light could make pin pricks history for diabetics
Scientists have developed a new technique that enables certain genes to be turned on simply by the switch of a light - a breakthrough which could avoid the need for people with diabetes to inject themselves regularly. ANI

'Laughing' cicada among 300 new species found in Philippines
Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences have discovered more than 300 species that are likely new to science, during an expedition to explore biodiversity in the Philippines. ANI

Lithium greatly prevents brain damage linked with Parkinson's disease
A study has found that lithium profoundly prevents the aggregation of toxic proteins and cell loss associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). ANI

Adolescent eating disorders persist into adulthood
Adolescents who develop disordered eating behaviors are likely to continue these unhealthy practices into young adulthood and beyond, according to new study. ANI

Breakthrough 90-minute treatment to replace valve sans open-heart surgery
Heart valve replacement without open-heart surgery could offer a new option for patients with aortic stenosis who are at high-risk or are considered inoperable, according to a new research. ANI

Now, a 'cloaking device' that makes objects invisible to sound
Scientists have developed an acoustic 'cloaking device' that shields objects, making them invisible to sound waves. ANI

Now, artificial pancreas to deliver insulin automatically to diabetic patients
The development of an artificial pancreas that will deliver insulin automatically and with an individualized precision will soon relieve diabetic patients of finger pricks and daily insulin dosing. ANI

Space secrets could lead to superior cancer treatment therapies
US astronomers, including one of Indian-origin, have said that the information gathered from studying the universe is showing promise in yielding new cancer treatments. ANI

Eye of mantis shrimp helps improve high-definition CDs, DVDs
The eye of the peacock mantis shrimp has led to the development of a two-part waveplate that could improve CD, DVD, blu-ray and holographic technology, creating even higher definition and larger storage density. ANI

'Now, pop an aspirin a day to keep lethal skin cancer at bay'
A new study has shown that consuming an aspirin a day cuts the risk of developing the deadly skin cancer by 40pc. ANI

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