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Technology News on June 24, 2011

How some individuals with epilepsy benefit from Atkins-like diet
Scientists have found how ketogenic diet - a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet similar to the more commonly known Atkins diet-helps some individuals with epilepsy. ANI

Drug side effect linked with increased health risks for over 65s
A study has found that a side effect of many commonly used drugs appears to increase the risks of both cognitive impairment and death in older people. ANI

Enriched learning drives need for sleep even in fruit flies
A new study has found that even fruit flies feel the need for sleep after a day of buzzing around. ANI

Soon, a 'Spincycle' washing machine that works on pedaling!
Revolutionizing the way we do laundry, a Brit student has invented a washing machine that is installed on a cycle and can be powered by pedaling. ANI

'Ghrelin' triggers craving for 'comfort foods' in times of stress
Scientists have conducted a study, which explains the cause behind the craving for high calorie pleasure foods, such as chocolates, mashed potatoes and ice creams during times of stress. ANI

Infants can figure out like adults where fault lies with broken toys
A study has found that infants can reason out just like adults where the fault lies when it comes to handling a broken toy. ANI

Sleep switch found in fruit flies may help treat sleeping disorder in humans
Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered a switch in the brains of fruit flies that controls their sleep, a finding which could pave the ways for treating sleeping disorder in humans. ANI

Now, browse the human genome with iPad app!
Navigating the human genome with software that you can view on your iPad sounds pretty impressive, until perhaps you reflect that nature has already encoded trillions of copies of this in your chromosomes. ANI

Giant asteroid to 'narrowly miss' Earth on Monday
UK experts have said that a newly discovered asteroid the size of an office block will narrowly miss the Earth on Monday - coming 23 times closer than the moon. ANI

Artificial sweetener affecting ecosystem
A research has shown that the artificial sweetener is making it through traditional water filtering systems. ANI

How vision process is initiated
A discovery by a team of researchers has shed new light on how the vision process is initiated. ANI

NASA's Dawn spacecraft set start year-long stay at giant asteroid
NASA's Dawn spacecraft is on track to begin the first extended visit to a large asteroid. ANI

Modern fish communities live fast die young
A recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society has found that modern fish communities live fast and die young. ANI

Gene therapy success in monkeys may help cure human blindness one day
Researchers have successfully used gene therapy to help blind monkeys regain their sight, a finding that could someday be applied to humans. ANI

Now, smartphone app helps find friends in crowd
Engineers have come up with a smartphone app that will enable users to find friends in a crowd, and make new friends who share similar interests. ANI

Now, eat salt without worrying and keep heart disease at bay
How much salt to include in our diets has always been a controversial subject, but a European study has concluded that salt consumption is not dangerous and may in fact, be beneficial. ANI

Repeating the same task 'not the best way to learn a new move'
A new study at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has contradicted common assumption about how the body learns to make accurate movements. ANI

Scientists invent thermometer that measures body temperature of dinosaurs
A team of scientists has come up with a thermometer that measures the body temperature of dinosaurs. ANI

Extraordinary retina explains secret behind bird's superior vision
The secret behind bird's superior vision over humans and all the other animals on the planet lies mostly in their extraordinary retina, which grows out of the brain during development, making it an official component of the central nervous system, according to a new study. ANI

'Molecular cap' blocks processes that lead to Alzheimer's, HIV
Scientists designed molecular inhibitors that could delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease and prevent the sexual transmission of HIV. ANI

5,000-year-old Iceman found in Italian Alps had goat meat before death
Scientists studying the remains of a 5,000-year-old mummy known as the Iceman have found that he had goat meat less than two hours before his death. ANI

Orca ear-inspired ultrasensitive underwater microphone developed
Inspired by the extraordinarily acute hearing of marine mammal orcas, Stanford researchers have developed a highly sensitive underwater microphone. ANI

How stress effect is inherited without DNA sequence change
Researchers have found a new evidence that helps to explain how stress influence our very DNA without any change to the underlying sequence of As, Gs, Ts and Cs. ANI

Protein complex linked to memory discovered
New research from the Lisman Laboratory has pointed to a molecule that is central to the process by which memories are stored in the brain. ANI

Brain cells compete with each other for 'memory circuit development'
For the first time, scientists at the University of Michigan Health System have discovered that two distinct types of competition between brain cells stir up the memory circuit development. ANI

'Brain-like' computing now a step closer to reality
A study by University of Exeter researchers has bought the development of 'brain-like' computer a step closer to reality. ANI

NASA to check ground-level air pollution from space
NASA has launched a new mission called DISCOVER-AQ to enhance the capability of its satellites to measure ground-level air quality from space. ANI

Soon, monitor Parkinson's disease with a new iPhone app!
A novel iPhone application that may enable persons with Parkinson's disease and certain other neurological conditions to use the ubiquitous devices to collect data on hand and arm tremors and relay the results to medical personnel has been developed by researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). ANI

NASA's Genesis gives new clues to how solar system was formed
NASA's Genesis mission has shed light onto the oxygen and nitrogen isotopic measurements of the Sun, demonstrating that they are very different from the same elements on Earth. ANI

Now, eat a low-calorie diet and forget pills to 'reverse' diabetes in just 8 weeks!
A successful trial has led scientists to believe that a 2-month low-calorie diet could free nearly 2.5 million Britons of the 'type two' diabetes. ANI

Flu vaccine during pregnancy protects babies from getting sick
A new collaborative study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and colleagues has found that immunization with influenza vaccine during pregnancy might reduce likelihood of newborns being hospitalized for the flu. ANI

NASA's 'Genesis' offers new insights into Sun and planets' evolution
Samples collected from NASA's Genesis mission have given new insights into the formation of the Sun and its inner planets. ANI

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