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Technology News on June 20, 2011

In golf, perfect swings exist in proper sequence of motions
A golfer should not be judged by the number of balls he hits into the hole, but by his movements that combine both mobility and stability to drive the ball where he wants it to go, according to an expert. ANI

How to improve polymers for organic batteries, water purification
A new study conducted at Virginia Tech focuses on improving advanced polymers for fuel cells and reverse-osmosis water purification. ANI

First direct evidence of diet differences between Homo erectus, Homo habilis
A team of scientists has found the first direct evidence in the fossil record that Homo erectus ate a more diverse diet than its relative Homo habilis. ANI

Human vaccine successfully destroys advanced prostate cancer in mice
A team of scientists has pioneered a novel cancer treatment that encourages the immune system to rid itself of prostate tumors without assistance from toxic chemotherapies and radiation treatments. ANI

A T-shirt that charges cell phones amid blaring music!
Festival-goers can now head-bang all night long at concerts without worrying about their mobile batteries getting exhausted. ANI

Looking at changes in climate behaviour could predict disasters
A study has suggested that climate change disasters, like the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, dieback of the Amazon rainforest or collapse of the Atlantic overturning circulation, could be predicted. ANI

Single gene that controls growth of many forms of polycystic disease found
A study has found a single gene that is central in the development of several forms of polycystic kidney and liver disease. ANI

Calcium channel discovery could help treat certain human diseases
A team of researchers including an Indian-origin has ended a 50-year search for the calcium channel that links many essential biological processes such as neurological disease and diabetes. ANI

Genes behind rare neurodegenerative disorder identified
A team of scientists has discovered three potential susceptibility genes for development of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), a rare neurodegenerative disease. ANI

Prolonged snowfall in Artic can lead to plants' death, say experts
Experts have warned that heavy and prolonged snowfall can bring about unexpected conditions that encourage fungal growth, leading to the death of plants in the Arctic. ANI

Study sheds light on 'sacred mushroom' chemical
Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have probed the "sacred mushroom" chemical that is capable of yielding positive, life-changing experiences. ANI

Researchers create vaccine from 'library of DNA' to treat cancer
Researchers have used a library of DNA to create a vaccine that could be used to treat cancer. ANI

Soon, a 3-wheeler with the joys of both bike and car!
An Australian design firm is attempting to provide riders the feel of a motorcycle and the comfort of a car in a locally engineered three-wheeler. ANI

Magpies recognize humans who threatened their nests and 'scold' them
Magpies can recognize an individual who had previously climbed up to and disturbed their nests, a research team in South Korea has discovered. ANI

Cancer jab that will 'seek and destroy' tumours developed
Researchers have discovered a cancer jab that can wipe out tumours. ANI

Herb used in Indian curries can spice up things in the bedroom
A herb used to add flavour to Indian curries can also spice up our sex lives, according to a new study. ANI

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