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Technology News on June 19, 2011

A combo of car, boat and submarine by 2040!
James Bond's amphibious Lotus Esprit plunging into the Sardinian sea could now be a reality by 2040. ANI

Wider safety issues remain unanswered by food coloring additives: Expert
There is no established link between food colouring and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but wider safety issues remain, an expert has warned. ANI

Viewing negative emotion-laden images can boost memory
A new research has suggested that witnessing a negative and shocking image enhances the retention of everything that one learns before seeing them. ANI

Families with low income have low nutritious diet, study reveals
A study has revealed that more than seven in 10 low-income families often fail to reach adequate levels of nutrition in their diet. ANI

Soon, cars that can 'see and communicate' to prevent crashes!
Mechanical engineers are working to develop intelligent onboard transportation systems that can prevent car crashes - the leading cause of death worldwide. ANI

Fans push Facebook to 'unblock' aboriginal rapper's anti-racist video
An aboriginal rapper has successfully led his campaign against racism, as his fans forced Facebook to 'unblock' his controversial video. ANI

Human brain groups visuals by changes in contrast
Apart from taking into account traits such as similarity, common background, and proximity, our brains can also organize what we see based on changes in contrast, a new illusion has shown. ANI

UK artist's robot that can sketch a face from a complex mix of lines!
Giving tough competition to the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci is a robot that can sketch a face from a complex mix of lines. ANI

Pill to reverse effects of heart failure on the anvil
Scientists in Scotland have pioneered a medical breakthrough which offers a new way of treating heart failure by developing new drugs or using existing ones. ANI

Scientists ferret out new cure for winter flu epidemic
Scientists have found a new cure for winter flu epidemic that may soon come in the shape of a small lozenge, if research conducted on ferrets lives up to their expectations. ANI

First transatlantic biofuel-powered flight mission accomplished
A Gulfstream G450 business jet has flown from New Jersey to Paris, making the first ever transatlantic flight powered by biofuels, it was announced. ANI

NASA in 100-yr quest to send humans to the stars
NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have jointly announced an award of 500,000 dollars grant to the person or group who can come up with the most effective idea about how human interstellar space travel can become a reality by next century. ANI

Chinese herbs could provide new treatment for Parkinson's
A study has indicated that Chinese herb can help treat Parkinson's disease. ANI

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